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You’re The One

By Bryanne Miller

Some may hear Paul Simon’s You’re the One and be disappointed by its slightly languid manner. But those truly devoted to Simon will not compare this album with his past ventures, such as the 10-year-old The Rhythm of the Saints. The fact is, it’s still Simon, just older and at a different stage in his… Continue reading You’re The One


By Bryanne Miller

Derived from a Rage Against the Machine-type mold, Downshift shouts out over grinding and distorted electric guitars. Above the simple bass lines, the lyrics bounce off each chord and fly in the opposite direction. The use of simplicity and repetition only results in a lack of variation in their six songs. Downshift is made up… Continue reading Semi-Automatic

God and MacDonald

By Bryanne Miller

"We’re all pretty jaded and bored. But sometimes we’re not," says Sean MacDonald. This is how the former Ids vocalist dove into his solo career with his religiously inspired album Parasites and Kings. MacDonald found enlightenment, and on this album he wants to share that which affected him. One might automatically assume MacDonald to be… Continue reading God and MacDonald