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Spun: Psyopus

By Chris Courtice

Every metal fan knows at least one person who thinks their musical tastes are hard, that guy who claims to listen to “heavy shit,” and his shit is always heavier than yours. That new band you like? Pussy garbage compared to this guy’s shit. His tastes only extend to the heaviest, harshest, most technical metal… Continue reading Spun: Psyopus

Metal reincarnated

By Chris Courtice

After trying to set up a phone interview for days, two email conversations with a public relations firm and a problem with cell phone reception, the Gauntlet finally managed to snag an email interview with the band opening for Aleixonfire. Yeah. Weak. Anyway, Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die actually turned out to be… Continue reading Metal reincarnated

Dance Preview: Alberta Dance explodes onstage

By Chris Courtice

There’s only so much fun to go around. Calgarians are busy people, with limited free time interspersed into their hectic schedules. So when it comes to the entertainment and arts scene in Calgary, those involved are fighting for as much exposure and attention as they can get. While music and theatre have commonly dominated the… Continue reading Dance Preview: Alberta Dance explodes onstage

2005: Best in games

By Rob Scherf, Kyle Francis, Chris Courtice and Ben Hoffman

God of War–PlayStation 2Killing hookers on the mean streets of San Andreas is so passe. This year, if it’s sex and violence you want, look no further than Sony’s surprise hit, God of War. The game’s focus, an ancient greek man named Kratos, won’t hesitate to tear in half any minotaurs, gorgons, or demons standing… Continue reading 2005: Best in games

Spun: Gwar

By Chris Courtice

Gwar is well known for their epic live shows. The veteran metal band has always had stage theatrics rivalling some theatre troupes. This performance includes a massive amount of vulgarity and graphic violence, threatening to take precedence over rocking out in front of screaming fans. The show is all well captured in Gwar’s new release,… Continue reading Spun: Gwar

Music Interview: Dillinger Escape Plan fail math

By Chris Courtice

Think about the heaviest music you have ever heard. An endless onslaught of audio insanity somehow managing to connect into a perfectly tuned performance despite the crazy, jumbled sound. Then, take this image and increase its intensity tenfold. The result is what you should expect from The Dillinger Escape Plan at their upcoming show Mon.,… Continue reading Music Interview: Dillinger Escape Plan fail math

SPUN: Hopesfall

By Chris Courtice

Dear Hopesfall, What happened? You used to be really good. No Wings To Speak Of and The Satellite Years were awesome both excellent and skillful hardcore albums with melodic breaks and wicked screams. They had a passion and intensity most bands wish they could match. Unfortunately, A-Types just seems to come up short in every… Continue reading SPUN: Hopesfall