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Increased exercise may lower risk of breast cancer

By Kerry Leotowicz

New research suggests that increased exercise may not only increase the quality of a person’s life but also reduce the chance of cancer. Alberta Health Services cancer epidemiologist and adjunct professor at the University of Calgary’s faculty of medicine Dr. Christine Friedenreich and University of Alberta professor Dr. Kerry Courneya are setting out with 330… Continue reading Increased exercise may lower risk of breast cancer

It’s not the WWF, but at least it’s real

By Kris Kotarski

Last weekend, Calgarians got to see the Canadian Olympic wrestling team compete without paying $2,000 to fly to Sydney. The University of Calgary hosted the prestigious Canada Cup of Wrestling, the last warm-up tournament before Olympic competition begins in September. The meet featured Canada’s reigning Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year Daniel Igali, his Canadian… Continue reading It’s not the WWF, but at least it’s real

A change in society

By Danielle Fostey

Editor, the Gauntlet, [Re: “Sexism Sells, but not on my campus,” Feature article, December 1, 2005] Thank you to Christine East for her article “Sexism Sells, but not on My Campus.” I too witnessed that poster and was outraged by it. I give her my admiration for going so deeply into the subject and stating… Continue reading A change in society

Sexism sells, but not on my campus

By Christine East

One. As university students, we are familiar with the marketing strategies employed by businesses attempting to squeeze more cash out of our already barren bank accounts. Bulletin boards on campus are saturated with colourful posters advertising vacations, weight-loss miracles and club crawls, where images of attractive females are regularly used to draw the eye. How… Continue reading Sexism sells, but not on my campus

Nickle Galleries finds new home

By Michael Grondin

After two years of construction and relocation, the Nickle Galleries reopened in the Taylor Family Digital 
Library on October 5. The Nickle Galleries — formerly the Nickle Arts Museum — offers members of the University of Calgary a chance to see a wide range of contemporary and historical artifacts.
 In 1970, philanthropist Samuel Nickle donated… Continue reading Nickle Galleries finds new home

Wrestling season takes to the mat

By Andrea Llewellyn

Wrestling is as old as the ancient Greek Olympics, dating back to 776 BC. Although the University of Calgary Dinos wrestling squad has been around since the university’s inception, the team has had varsity status 18 years for the men and 12 years for the women. The Dinos Invitational Wrestling Tournament outdates the Dinos’s varsity… Continue reading Wrestling season takes to the mat

The U of C: protesting the future

By Jon Roe

In 1974, the university boasted over 11,000 students and had recently established the faculties of medicine (1970) and environmental design (1971). The faculty of law was established in 1975. The increasing number of varied faculties realized a dream of ’60s principal Malcolm Taylor. “The first planning group that attended the meetings of the university by… Continue reading The U of C: protesting the future

Bra helps heart surgery patients recover

By Andrew Kuzma

A specialized compression bra developed by a team of University of Calgary researchers will help women recover from heart surgery. Wearing the supportive undergarment immediately after heart surgery significantly reduces women’s breast pain, according to a national clinical trial led by Dr. Kathryn King, a U of C professor and heritage population health investigator. “Women… Continue reading Bra helps heart surgery patients recover