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Blades of Steel

By Conner Sadler

Full Frontal Nelson & the Boxcar Bolsheviks, the latest album from Calgary hip hop group Blades of Steel, is defined by brash lyrics and catchy instrumentals, which produce a sound that is an interesting fusion of hip hop and other genres. The EP wastes no time with “So Fast,” dropping synth beats layered with rapid-fire… Continue reading Blades of Steel

Eamon McGrath

By Conner Sadler

Upon opening Eamon McGrath’s latest album, I was greeted with handwritten instructions to “Play it Loud as Hell.” These instructions serve the album well. The songs are filled with loud, forceful guitars and percussion as McGrath’s stripped-down vocals give a raw feeling to the album. The album opens with heavy, psychedelic reverb on “Canadian Shield”… Continue reading Eamon McGrath

Secret Cinema puts the mystery back in movies

By Conner Sadler

With patio season in full swing, sitting in a dark, crowded movie theatre can’t compete with sitting outside and drinking beer with friends. But the Calgary Society of Independent Film (CSIF) aims to bring those events together. Starting May 20, the CSIF will host Secret Cinema, a monthly film-screening where the community can watch movies… Continue reading Secret Cinema puts the mystery back in movies