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Letter: Response to the prez

By Cameron Wilson

Editor, the Gauntlet, In a recent article to the Gauntlet regarding the de-sanctioning of the club Campus Pro-Life [“Letter from the SU prez: Why Campus Pro-Life was de-sanctioned,” Feb. 26], SU president Dalmy Baez attempted to exculpate her organization for its actions. As this article gave false impressions which may mislead the student body, it… Continue reading Letter: Response to the prez

Letter from the SU prez: Why Campus Pro-Life was de-sanctioned

By Dalmy Baez

The Campus Pro-Life club was recently de-sanctioned by the Students’ Union. As President of the Students’ Union I am writing to explain why. For the past few years Campus Pro-Life has run an event called the Genocide Awareness Project which features displays of aborted fetuses, victims of the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide among other… Continue reading Letter from the SU prez: Why Campus Pro-Life was de-sanctioned

Recession leads to campus job losses

By Nicole Dionne

It was a hard goodbye for six Students’ Union staff who won’t be coming back anytime soon. An event operations supervisor, two Den and Black Lounge managers, a kitchen staff member, the Student Union Volunteer Services manager and a loading dock shipper/receiver were let go recently. SU president Dalmy Baez said that the decision was… Continue reading Recession leads to campus job losses

SU President – Midterm Review

By Sarelle Azuelos

The Students’ Union presidential position keeps Dalmy Baez bouncing around the entire campus much like Tigger. Although she doesn’t have a tail, Baez does have the boundless energy that is necessary for her workload. As president, Baez directs the vice-presidents and tries to keep the SU and administration’s focus on student needs. After a long… Continue reading SU President – Midterm Review

SU View: How will a 4.1 per cent increase in tuition affect you?

By Dalmy Baez

We’ve had a federal election. The SU byelection will be a done deal by the time you read this and our neighbours to the south of the border will elect their new president in early November. But the opportunity to make your voice heard and influence your future, especially here at the U of C,… Continue reading SU View: How will a 4.1 per cent increase in tuition affect you?

SU Presidential Forum

By Christian Louden

The Students’ Union wrapped up a week of election forums with a showdown between three presidential candidates, Fri., Feb. 9. Two SU rookies–Andrew Gilchrist and Joel Skaley–contended with veteran Dalmy Baez for the top job in the organization, armed with ideas for change in the organization.“I’d like to make university more affordable for students in… Continue reading SU Presidential Forum

Winners win SU by-election

By John Leung Chun-Yin

The voice of the people has spoken, electing three new members of the student government in last week’s Students’ Union by-election.In the race to fill the vacant Academic Commissioner position on the Students’ Legislative Council, Adam Daly defeated his closest rival Dalmy Baez by a 29-vote margin, 286 to 257, with Richard Rawnsley running a… Continue reading Winners win SU by-election

Provincial budget gives U of C some breathing room

By Sarelle Azuelos

The 2009 provincial budget released last week had some good news for post-secondary institutions across Alberta. The University of Calgary will receive a six per cent funding increase from the province as part of their regular revenue. The six per cent is the last installment of a three-year promise to the university for more funds.… Continue reading Provincial budget gives U of C some breathing room