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The Wisdom of Solomon

By Dan Krut

Last Thursday, as part of the official opening of the Information Commons, Evan Solomon presented his views on the technological and educational era in which we live. Solomon’s presentation was informative, lively and fun. "I thought that it [Information Commons] would be like a Kinko’s, some place where you can print or go on-line," said… Continue reading The Wisdom of Solomon

WISE turns 10

By Daniel Krut

The Women In Science and Engineering Club celebrated its tenth anniversary by unveiling a poster campaign on April 4. The campaign, aimed at convincing young women in Alberta to choose careers in science and engineering, will distribute posters promoting the achievements of female scientists and engineers to junior and senior high schools across Alberta. The… Continue reading WISE turns 10

Women work everywhere

By Daniel Krut

Women are doing it in all engineering areas. This was one of the findings of "Academic Choices of Engineering Undergraduates," an award-winning study conducted by an interdisciplinary team of University of Calgary researchers. Professor of Geomatic Engineering Dr. Elizabeth Cannon and Professors of Sociology Dr. Jean Wallace and Dr. Valerie Haines produced the study, which… Continue reading Women work everywhere

Media and democracy

By Daniel Krut

Media is increasingly under threat from governments and corporations, was the message delivered at the Media and Democracy forum held last Saturday at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Hall. The forum, hosted by Arusha and Friends of the Herald, consisted of activists, journalists and professors from Calgary discussing the direction that media, specifically newspapers, is heading. The… Continue reading Media and democracy

Millennium money in

By Daniel Krut

University of Calgary students picked up their first shipment of Millennium Scholarship cheques at the Fees Office this month. This was the first year students received money from the $2.5 billion fund. Students who receive the scholarship were notified by the foundation by mail in December . "The disbursement was fairly smooth," said Fees Office… Continue reading Millennium money in

New rural social work program created

By Daniel Krut

Beginning January 2000, the University of Calgary will offer the Bachelor of Social Work program to students in rural communities. The BSW Access Division program is designed to meet the needs of aboriginal, remote and rural communities. Currently, no social work degree program emphasizes the situations remote communities face. "These communities wanted a program that… Continue reading New rural social work program created

Is UBC in the house?

By Daniel Krut

In a highly political campaign, students at the University of British Columbia have voted to end their affiliation with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. CASA, similar to the Canadian Federation of Students, is a national student organization that lobbies the Federal Government on behalf of students. CASA is a member-driven organization, of which the… Continue reading Is UBC in the house?