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Administration and trust at the U of C

By Dr. Barry Cooper

Until recently professors were engaged in teaching and the search for truth about reality. Under the pressure of practical concerns and various political ideologies, most of which deny that either truth or reality mean anything, the old purposes seem quaintly archaic. In our practical city, where the most respectable families are but a generation or… Continue reading Administration and trust at the U of C

Editorial: “Friends” is a four letter word

By Jon Roe

As the University of Calgary has shown with acidic responses to the Maclean’s university rankings, reputation is important to them. Showing up low in those rankings hurts that reputation, so they pull out and protest the process used to determine them as they did last year. This naturally extends to when an organization misappropriates the… Continue reading Editorial: “Friends” is a four letter word

Hunting horse with Big Rock

By Stephanie Shewchuk

Big Rock University will launch its Winter Semester this upcoming week with a tribute to Alberta’s Centennial. Dr. Brian Kooyman of the Department of Archaeology will deliver a speech entitled “Horse on the Menu: Ice Age Hunting in Alberta”, the first of four in this semester’s lecture series Wed., Feb. 2. Kathleen McNally–the daughter of… Continue reading Hunting horse with Big Rock

CMSS lecture series on today’s terrorism

By Josh LaVoie

If there is one thing that virtually everyone has an opinion on, it’s terrorism. With nearly limitless theories on the roots and justifications for terrorism, along with its potential cures, making sense of it has proved difficult for many scholars. That is however exactly what the University of Calgary Center for Military and Strategic Studies… Continue reading CMSS lecture series on today’s terrorism

Exercising brain cells…

By Greg Clarke

Throughout history, many people have associated serious thought with serious drinking. From the Roman poet Horace to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to Benjamin Franklin, many of the greatest thinkers in history were liquor connoisseurs. Perhaps Francois Rabelais, the French writer put it best when he said, "When I drink, I think; and when I… Continue reading Exercising brain cells…