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Letter: Climatolicious!

By Dr. Rob Stewart

Editor, the Gauntlet, Kudos to Mr. Sieppert for engaging in the climate change discussion and providing his views on university education [Bruce Sieppert, “Fact or Fiction?” Apr. 6, 2007]. We believe that both are of critical importance. As H.G. Wells said, “human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” Mr. Sieppert’s… Continue reading Letter: Climatolicious!

Geoscientists discover oil≠ on U of C land

By Andrew Barbero

The University of Calgary has struck black gold­. Mineral rights to a title of land were gifted to the U of C four years ago from an estate donation. Uncovered in the fall of 2007, professors and students in the geoscience department have been studying the land and their research suggests extractable oil deposits. “We… Continue reading Geoscientists discover oil≠ on U of C land

New residence proposed

By Sarelle Azuelos

A new residence building proposal is in the works to tackle the growing numbers of students in need of affordable housing. Those involved in making the building plans are hoping the proposal will be completed by the end of the semester. If approved, the new building will help the school approach the recommended 15 per… Continue reading New residence proposed

Policy makers seek environment solution

By Stewart Pallard

The Alberta Environmental Stewardship Coalition held its launch event at the University of Calgary, Wed., March 14. The coalition assembled a panel of five prominent Albertans from differing political backgrounds to discuss ideas with the public on what Alberta could do to help improve the environment. The event–attended by several hundred people–is part of the… Continue reading Policy makers seek environment solution

Talking peace: IPRA 2006

By Shelsea Willett

The 2006 International Peace Research Association bi-annual conference, “Patterns of Conflict: Paths to Peace” was held at the University of Calgary over the July long weekend, marking the first time in 25 years an IPRA conference has been held in North America. For four days 350 representatives from over 30 countries convened on campus to… Continue reading Talking peace: IPRA 2006

U of C on Mars… not

By Samuel Liaw

The University of Calgary is Mars-bound. The Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Calgary will help NASA scientists with their Mars exploration. Because of his expertise on the Mars-like Devon Island in Nunavut, U of C’s Dr. Robert Stewart was called on by NASA to assist their NASA Haughton Mars project. Devon… Continue reading U of C on Mars… not

Our violent world

By Hadija Gabunga

It takes more and more than just your regular five o’clock news to shock people. So what’s the story? Is it news or entertainment? How much substance is there to what you watch on television? Are you being informed or entertained? Sex, violence and drugs sell. Flipping through the channels on television on a random… Continue reading Our violent world

U of C students hold their ground overseas

By Eric Fung

For 26 students participating in the University of Calgary Fall 2001 Term Abroad Program in India, their unique experience has just taken an unexpected turn. At the University of Pune, one of three host universities, the TAP provides students with the opportunity to enhance their degree program through experiential learning. Pune is also the location… Continue reading U of C students hold their ground overseas