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Nicole spends Sunday in Gauntlet offices

By Editing Test

Are you tired of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator? Several new browsers seek to depose those two web browsers as the kings of the World Wide Web. Internet browsers originated in Berkley in 1992 with Mosaic, which was capable of viewing text pages only on the familiar dull-grey background. Since then browsers have improved tremendously… Continue reading Nicole spends Sunday in Gauntlet offices


By Valen Zha

In an orgy of drinking, celebration and congratulatory cheer, the Gauntlet staff consumed a record $970 worth of booze and nachos on its annual election night."You guys drank us $30 short of a thousand dollars," said incoming Editor-in-Chief Kris Kotarski. "What were you guys thinking and why was I sober?"For reasons unexplained, both Kotarski and… Continue reading FUBAR

All your votes are belong to us are belong to us

Despite allegations of sleeping on the job, rampant gambling and mud-slinging, the Gauntlet stumbled drunkenly through another Tier II election. At the helm of the Academic Probation section next year will be Andrew "The Red" Ross, whose Viking army won a commanding victory over Kyle Siler. "I promise a year of pillaging, followed by raiding,… Continue reading All your votes are belong to us are belong to us


Volunteer with the Gauntlet We’re always looking for new volunteers. Our volunteers make it possible to publish the Gauntlet each week. No experience is required. Get in contact with us today to find out how you can help. Here are some of the things you can do as a volunteer: — Write articles for the… Continue reading Volunteer

Pioneering the page

By Sarah Dorchak

Archie. Dick Tracy. Felix the Cat. Maus. Watchmen. There’s no doubt that these titles are recognizable– they’ve become part of our social literary memory. Even if you’ve never read any of the comics themselves, you still know Archie is constantly torn between two women, one blonde and one black-haired. While it seems inevitable that the… Continue reading Pioneering the page

First two floors of TFDL open for winter

By Susan Anderson

The first and second floors of the over 265,000 square-foot Taylor Family Digital Library are now open to students. “It’s equivalent to the Info Commons in the MacKimmie Library, except it’s better,” said Taylor Family Digital Library program director Jackie Bell. “We have lots of student work stations, so computers on the desk tops, and… Continue reading First two floors of TFDL open for winter