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Task force asks students about technology

By Riley Hill

A new task force is asking students what kind of technology they want to use in the classroom. And so far, they’ve had little response. The task force for teaching and learning was created to determine what type of technology will be used in future University of Calgary classrooms. As Students’ Union vice-president academic Emily… Continue reading Task force asks students about technology

Haskayne goes on hiring spree

By Chris Adams

Recent provincial budget cuts are not holding the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business back from expanding the size of its faculty and staff. Earlier this month, Haskayne announced they are hiring 13 new employees, including three centre directors, nine assistant professors and a new instructor — the largest round of hiring the school… Continue reading Haskayne goes on hiring spree

Admin asks students what they think

By Stephanie Mamayson

While students are gearing up for the final push to the semester’s end, some undergraduates have been taking a multiple choice quiz of a different sort. Beginning mid-February, first and fourth-year students at the University of Calgary have been taking part in the National Survey of Student Engagement in an attempt to identify aspects of… Continue reading Admin asks students what they think

SU Reviews: SU president Emily Wyatt, a.k.a the ringmaster

By Emily Senger

Wyatt provides direction to the SU clowns, but without the cooperation of the clowns and all the other behind-the-scenes circus performers, there would be no show.After two years of a Students’ Union with a largely external focus, SU president Emily Wyatt thought it was time to bring business back home and focus on the needs… Continue reading SU Reviews: SU president Emily Wyatt, a.k.a the ringmaster

Basketball Women headed for CIAUs

By Kevin Rothbauer

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Canada West women’s basketball fans found out last weekend when the Dinos went west to visit the University of Victoria Vikes. The Vikes. represented the immovable object; the defending Canada West champions had locked the top spot in the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union rankings since… Continue reading Basketball Women headed for CIAUs

You’re invited to 2219

By Emily Ask

After years of tossing around ideas for a television show, Aaron Kerr and Scott Lutley, both 23 and recent University of Calgary graduates, finally put their ideas into production last summer. Using mainly their own money, equipment and circle of friends, the webseries 2219 was born. The series follows the life, love and drama of… Continue reading You’re invited to 2219

My Grandmother’s Closet

By Emily Ask

As a student, the best clothes are free. If they happen to come from your grandmother, well, you’ve probably got to get creative. That’s what happened last weekend as my grandmother, Mary Ask, went through various boxes and closets of clothes, picking out all the things she hadn’t worn in years to give away. My… Continue reading My Grandmother’s Closet

Spun: Age of Adz

By Emily Ask

Sufjan Stevens’ newest album Age of Adz is a space-age electronic oratorio that begs to be an opera. I cannot help but imagine elaborate set pieces and costumes to accompany the orchestral and choral sounds found throughout the album. The opening song is a simple introduction. An empty stage save for the spotlight on one… Continue reading Spun: Age of Adz