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Club campaigns for sexual consent

By Tendayi Moyo

The Consent Awareness and Sexual Education club (CASE) is working with the Students’ Union to promote healthy sexual behaviour prior to and during Bermuda Shorts Day. CASE’s Got Consent? campaign aims to inform students about sexual consent during the SU event. “We came up with a banner and poster campaign promoting Got Consent?” CASE vice-president… Continue reading Club campaigns for sexual consent

CJSW referendum brings out yes and no campaigns

By Riley Hill

During this year’s election, students will be asked to raise the $5.00 CJSW levy by an extra dollar per semester. The campus radio station wants the money to pursue their plans for growth, but one University of Calgary student argues undergrads shouldn’t foot the bill. CJSW wants to rebuild its website so live shows are… Continue reading CJSW referendum brings out yes and no campaigns

U of C grad’s amazing designs

By Sean Sullivan

Members of the School of Creative and Performing Arts are calling Jennifer Arsenault’s designs amazing. “We were lucky to get her,” says Dawn McCaugherty, director of the upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. “She could have gone to any number of schools to do her degree.” Arsenault is a grad student at the… Continue reading U of C grad’s amazing designs

Do the new signs in MacHall break campaign rules?

By Riley Hill

Students back from winter break will notice some new advertisements scattered throughout MacHall. “60 years of student investment in your MacHall,” reads a banner hanging in the south courtyard. “As a student, YOUR investments support great services like the lost and found,” reads a sticker in front of the MacHall information centre. Why would the… Continue reading Do the new signs in MacHall break campaign rules?

Schulich racing teams put designs to test

By Riley Hill

From June 6–9, teams from the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering will test vehicles they built in the Society of Automotive Engineers Collegiate Design Series, competing against teams from Canada and the United States. The series features several design competitions for different classes of vehicles, with U of C teams fielding a racing… Continue reading Schulich racing teams put designs to test

Required GNST class change

By Michael Grondin

Changes to required general studies courses for communications and culture students will begin in the upcoming fall and winter semesters. Full-credit courses that span two semesters will be broken up into two components, and will be under the naming convention of communications and culture. Many of the changed courses are mandatory for faculty of arts… Continue reading Required GNST class change

Engineering representative resigns

By Susan Anderson

Engineering representative John McDonald resigned on March 20 from his position on the Student Legislative Council. According to the University of Calgary Students’ Union bylaws, all representatives need to be enrolled in at least one class to be a faculty representative. McDonald is not registered in classes this winter semester. su vice-president academic Ola Mohajer… Continue reading Engineering representative resigns

New signs point the way for U of C

By Susan Anderson

The University of Calgary is developing a new, contemporary sign system to replace older signage across campus to improve navigation and create consistency. Third-year english major Katie Macleod, an exchange student from the United Kingdom, thinks new signs will help students find their way around campus. “I got lost so many times,” said Macleod. Cygnus,… Continue reading New signs point the way for U of C

CJSW station manager resigns

By Andréa Rojas

Chad Saunders will be ending his 11-year run as CJSW’s station manager by the middle of February. Since his hire in November 2000, Saunders has overseen such major station projects as the move from the basement of MacHall to its third-floor location and the commissioning of a higher-wattage radio tower, along with controlling day-to-day station… Continue reading CJSW station manager resigns