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Gauntlet angers Gazette editor, sickens also

By Greg Harris

An editorial in the Oct. 7 Gauntlet (“A brief history, told in present tense”) claims the U of C Gazette “would not run a feature about Shell Oil’s involvement in Nigeria simply because Shell Oil gives this university a dump truck full of money.”For the record, no one on Gazette staff has ever been asked… Continue reading Gauntlet angers Gazette editor, sickens also

Workshop Theatre brings a literary classic to town

By ­Janice Tran

To Kill a Mockingbird is a piece of literature that anyone in North America with a high school diploma should be familiar with. Over 30 million copies of Harper Lee’s original novel have been sold since its publication in 1960. The book has won countless literary awards, among which is the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. Even… Continue reading Workshop Theatre brings a literary classic to town

MC Eliminator eliminated

By Вen Li

The MC Eliminator concert scheduled for Mon., July 19 ended before it began. In a rare decision, the Students’ Union cancelled the concert less than two hours before its scheduled start. On that point alone the SU and MC Eliminator’s promoter agree. At around 3 p.m., three Campus Security officers escorted Lincoln Bode-Harrison from MacEwan… Continue reading MC Eliminator eliminated

Buffalo Soldiers up to no good in East Berlin

By Rob Scherf

Kept on a shelf at Miramax for two years to avoid cries of anti-Americanism in the wake of September 11, Buffalo Soldiers is finally seeing release outside its first showing at the Toronto International Film Festival. Set against the backdrop of the crumbling Berlin Wall, the film depicts soldiers behaving very badly and is evidently… Continue reading Buffalo Soldiers up to no good in East Berlin

the tip-off

By Kevin Rothbauer

So, Ken Griffey Jr.-who last year hit the least-noticed 56 home runs in history, thanks to Messrs, McGwire and Sosa-is back on top in the Major League Baseball home run race. By going yard twice against the Colorado Rockies in June 8’s interleague game, Griffey tied Jose Canseco (yes, old Jose Canseco) with 22 on… Continue reading the tip-off