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Thorner by a nose

By Jane Alkhouri

Jane Alkhouri The students who voted in the recent Students’ Union by-election would fit into a standard-sized lecture theatre. One race, nine acclamations and two spots still vacant were the results of the 2001 SU by-election which was held from Oct. 10-12. "The elections promotions committee put up posters, ads in the Gauntlet and put… Continue reading Thorner by a nose

Fun and games

By James Keller

The most-contested race, surprisingly, had the largest winning margin.Current Students’ Union events commissioner Irene Enyedy took the Vice-president Events race with 1,972 votes, followed by fellow commisioner Ian Thorner with 1,041. Robert Overmann received 219 votes, Geoffrey Schoenberg 275 and second runner-up Robbie Schuett claimed 499.Enydedy was delighted with the results."I don’t think there’s words… Continue reading Fun and games

VP Events

By Mary Chan

Ian Thorner should have quit while he was ahead. The third-year biology student and self-proclaimed founder of Snow Pants Day bit off more than he could chew as a commissioner-his rudimentary misunderstanding of the issues gave that away-and now he will likely lose the VP Events race to any of the much stronger internal and… Continue reading VP Events

Votes, please

By Вen Li

What do sex, beer and tuition have in common? All were topics of debate at the recent Students’ Union by-election forum Events Commissioner candidates Scott Barrington and Ian Thorner squared off before a small crowd last Thurs., Oct. 4. Both Thorner, a third-year Biology student, and Barrington, a second-year Pre-management student, hope to fill the… Continue reading Votes, please

BSD, make way for SPD

By Ian Thorner

The Gauntlet editorial board decided this week to ignore the always tempting federal election–and for a claque of chattering liberal arts fairies, this was no small feat. Truth be known, we crave this weekly opportunity to cram our bias and unfounded opinions down your throat. But this week we relented, instead devoting this space to… Continue reading BSD, make way for SPD

Stambaugh on the brink

By Allie Smyth

An otherwise innocuous question sparked a debate at the April 2 Students’ Legislative Council meeting that brought the membership of Students’ Union Operations and Finance Commissioner Matt Stambaugh on SLC in question.Operations and Finance Commissioner Mark Counsell asked Vice-President Op-Fi Natasha Dhillon about Stambaugh’s attendance for the semester."This is the fourth meeting Mr. Stambaugh has… Continue reading Stambaugh on the brink

An event of note

By Lawrence Bailey

And so it begins.The first forum of the Students’ Union General Election, the Events forum to be precise, rocked the basement of MacEwan Hall on Wed., March 6. If you missed it don’t worry, none of the Events Commissioners were able to make it either.The five Vice-Presidential hopefuls took roughly an hour to woo would-be… Continue reading An event of note

When a "thank you" isn’t enough

Though marathon and heated debates are nothing new to the members of the Students’ Legislative Council, one is brewing that will hit a little closer to home for its members.Under the current system, any Students’ Union commissioner is eligible for a maximum of $300 per month, awarded at the discretion of the Vice-President of the… Continue reading When a "thank you" isn’t enough

SU election results


President Barb Wright 1,268 Andre Rodrigues 601 Ryan Yau 530 Steve Skitch 293 Danijel Margetic 277 Jonathan Olsen 130 Brad Parkyn 57 Thomas Mathers 37     VP Academic Nic Porco 2,320 Bryndis K. Whitson 709     VP Events Chris Kerr 1,770 Tina Pringle 1,231     Events Commission Oliver Ho 1,727 Sarah Richards… Continue reading SU election results