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A blast from the past!

By J. Svendson

This letter was originally printed in November of 1999. It’s original title was “Gauntlet worse than Hitler.” Apparently TLFs weren’t always the sensation they are now. Editor, the Gauntlet,I am a loyal reader and have to say that this year’s paper is the worst crap I’ve ever seen.Many times I’ve sat by and stayed my… Continue reading A blast from the past!

Gauntlet misconstrued

By Matt Burgener

Editors, the GauntletRe: “Gauntlet worse then Hitler,”Letter, Sept. 30, 1999.I would personally like to thank J. Svendson for his/her letter of last week.S/he did what I have always wanted to do, and lambasted the Gauntlet for what it is: a crap-ass student newspaper. I have been wondering why I never managed to compose my attack… Continue reading Gauntlet misconstrued

Gauntlet doesn’t suck, YOU suck, says reader

By Alex VandenHoofd

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Gauntlet worse than Hitler,” this obviously deranged little child. “You are the reason kids are killing kids?” I would suggest that perhaps it is HE who kills kids, with his acidity and tomfoolery. He does no good in this world. Whereas the Gauntlet does much good. Such as your often insightful TLFs,… Continue reading Gauntlet doesn’t suck, YOU suck, says reader