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‘Rebooting’ apathetic Alberta’s politics

By James Jeffrey

Alberta is a province beset by apathy, but according to a new initiative aiming to “reboot” Albertans, this no longer has to be the case. Following poor voter turnout in 2008’s general election, Reboot Alberta is attempting to channel Albertans’ frustrations with provincial politics. Through web-based forums, blogs and, most recently, a planned gathering in… Continue reading ‘Rebooting’ apathetic Alberta’s politics

Conservative MLAs defect, join Wildrose Party

By James Jeffrey

It seems 2010 will be an even worse year than last for Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives, as two of their Calgary-area MLAs defected to the Wildrose Alliance Jan. 4. Calgary-Fish Creek MLA Heather Forsyth and Airdrie-Chestermere MLA Rob Anderson announced they could no longer be part of a “dysfunctional” and “undemocratic” party. “To watch what has… Continue reading Conservative MLAs defect, join Wildrose Party

Attempted takeover of Campus Conservative Club

By Emily Ask

Members of the Wildrose Alliance Campus Club attempted to take control of the University of Calgary Campus Conservative Association last Friday at the UCCCA’s Annual General Meeting. The Wildrose supporters bought UCCCA memberships at the door and tried to nominate a slate of their own members to run for the seven UCCCA executive positions. If… Continue reading Attempted takeover of Campus Conservative Club

Wildrose Alliance club hosts party leader

By Annalise Klingbeil

Danielle Smith, leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta, spoke to students at the University of Calgary March 29 about her party and Alberta politics. The event was the first and last of the school year for the recently launched Wildrose Alliance Club, which only voted in their executive roughly a month ago. “We… Continue reading Wildrose Alliance club hosts party leader

U of C students create Wildrose Club

By Rhiannon Kirkland

The Wildrose Alliance Party has developed a considerable presence in Alberta politics. The party will now expand that presence to campus with the formation of a University of Calgary Wildrose Alliance campus club. U of C students Kathryn Marshall and Jarrett Leinweber founded the club after creating a Facebook group that drew about 100 members,… Continue reading U of C students create Wildrose Club

A field of dreams no more

By Kris Kotarski

Field of Dreams captured the beauty of baseball. It highlighted the mystical connection to America’s past, the working-class values, even the innocence of the game’s biggest stars. The movie focused on all that’s right about baseball and became an instant classic; a monument to the power and grace of America’s pastime.I loved Field of Dreams.… Continue reading A field of dreams no more

Plants picky over human contact

By Vianne Fung

Botanists found that handling plants in the field may have serious consequences for the plants. University of Alberta professor James Cahill has discovered that touching plants may alter the chances insects will feed upon the plants’ leaves. “This will have potential dramatic implications for field biologists. We will have to be more aware of this… Continue reading Plants picky over human contact