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Closed-minded definition

By James Robert Rubin

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: “The happy Harper fun hour,” Jan. 28, 2005, Ben Hoffman criticizes Stephen Harper and opponents of same-sex marriage by using the analogy of a redneck from “down home” to paint Conservatives as small minded.Hoffman should realize the hypocrisy in his argument. Isn’t it a bit narrow minded of supporters of same-sex marriage… Continue reading Closed-minded definition

Fired, but still free to speak

By James Robert Rubin

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Swept under the rug: Canada submits again,” Nov. 25, 2004, In his editorial, John Leung questions whether Carolyn Parrish’s right to free speech is more important than improving Canada-U.S. relations. I’d like to think that farmers and loggers most affected by certain American policies would favour putting food on their tables… Continue reading Fired, but still free to speak