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A heads-up on G-8

By Jane Alkhouri

A passionate Robert Fowler spoke about the upcoming Group of Eight summit in Kananaskis and stressed the importance of aid to developing African countries."The summit is like an instance d’impulsion where it becomes a forum from which leaders can inspire or give impulsion to ideas and focus that may not be available elsewhere," said Fowler.… Continue reading A heads-up on G-8

Thorner by a nose

By Jane Alkhouri

Jane Alkhouri The students who voted in the recent Students’ Union by-election would fit into a standard-sized lecture theatre. One race, nine acclamations and two spots still vacant were the results of the 2001 SU by-election which was held from Oct. 10-12. "The elections promotions committee put up posters, ads in the Gauntlet and put… Continue reading Thorner by a nose

Rockin’ the night away

By Jane Alkhouri

Like a Picasso version of the energizer bunny, purple-clad fraternity members jumped on a scooter and kept on going. The University of Calgary Phi Gamma Delta fraternity’s annual 24 hour Race Around the Rock took place on Thu., Sept. 21, raising just over $1,000 for Crohn’s disease and colitis research. The U of C Phi… Continue reading Rockin’ the night away

Dear Gauntlet: You suck, the saga continues

By David "Davey J" Miller

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Porco and team get vote," SLC View, March 29, 2001 I am afraid that Jane Alkhouri got wrong (i) what the background was to the recent discussions at the Appointment Promotion and Dismissal (APD) Committee, (ii) what the Faculty Association’s views were in those discussions, and (iii) what issues had been… Continue reading Dear Gauntlet: You suck, the saga continues

Last week’s mistake

By Jane Alkhouri

I have a larger readership than I thought. In last week’s SLC viewpoint I goofed up. When I opened the paper on Thursday I was shocked that I had actually written such an inaccurate report on student voting rights about the Faculty Promotions Committee (FPC). Although I had the background information on this issue, I… Continue reading Last week’s mistake

Porco and team get the vote

By Jane Alkhouri

Student representatives may soon have voting rights on the General Faculties Council (GFC), the academic policy body of the University of Calgary. Specifically, this means faculty representatives who sit on the Student Academic Assembly (SAA), the Vice-president Academic and President of the Students’ Union. This was the result of a year-long initiative by incoming VP… Continue reading Porco and team get the vote

Pillowgate: The SU scandal for March

By Jane Alkhouri

Last week, Students’ Union President Toby White, VP External Duncan Wojtaszek and External Commissioners Matt Stambaugh and myself attended the Canadian Alliance Student Associations (CASA) lobby conference and internal review in Ottawa.The three main points CASA was lobbying on were: relieving student debt, restoring CHST and rebuilding campus infrastructure.CASA’s membership is comprised of 22 universities… Continue reading Pillowgate: The SU scandal for March