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What Is My Name

By Jason Carnew

If you enjoy the electronica scene and you don’t know about Junior Vasquez, then you should. He has been around since time began and is gracing Twilo’s first CD release. The first of two CD’s is an amazing cross-genre mix of just about everything. The album starts with Samba/Italian house beats and moves with great… Continue reading What Is My Name

With letters comes condemnation

By Jason Carnew

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Daddy’s work comes first for Catherine, Sept. 28, 2000Recently, an article was published in the Gauntlet about the Right Honourable Joe Clark and his daughter Catherine Clark. Throughout the piece, various innuendoes were presented to the reader that suggested Catherine Clark is nothing but a pretty face lacking any substance. Ms. Clark… Continue reading With letters comes condemnation