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Film Review: Pink Panther finds its heart

By Jason McKay

“A woman is like an artichoke, you have to work a bit to get to the heart.” These famous words were once spoken by France’s “best” investigator, Inspector Clouseau. Thankfully, Steve Martin’s newest film, The Pink Panther, isn’t a woman. The film succeeds for a variety of reasons, chief among them is director Shawn Levy… Continue reading Film Review: Pink Panther finds its heart

Theatre Review: Wingfield’s Inferno not hellish

By Jason McKay

As midterms near their end and there is a bit of a gap in the stress before papers are due, a good comedy can be the perfect thing to help get you through to the end of the semester. This is exactly what Theatre Calgary’s second production of the season, Wingfield’s Inferno, delivers. This one… Continue reading Theatre Review: Wingfield’s Inferno not hellish

Theatre Review: Theatre Calgary works miracles

By Jason McKay

As Theatre Calgary’s new play The Miracle Worker starts, the only thing visible on the stage is a pump, as inescapable a symbol for water as it is for William Gibson’s influential play. Like adding fresh water to an already thriving plant, the cast of mostly new members to the always-reliable Theatre Calgary only makes… Continue reading Theatre Review: Theatre Calgary works miracles

Spun: Bratz

By Jason McKay

Creating an entire album based on inanimate dolls must be one of the strangest marketing tools yet developed, but alas, the men in suits behind Bratz have done it with Rock Angelz. With a generic pop/rock background and repetitive vocals, these dolls’ closest comparison is American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson, except with an even greater childish… Continue reading Spun: Bratz

Spun: Illuminati

By Jason McKay

Illuminati. The global conspiracy has captured the imaginations of many people around the world for some time and now the band by the same name will do likewise. Illuminati’s third album, On Borrowed Time, shows a band ready to head somewhere. With a strong edge in both their beats and lyrics this band evokes the… Continue reading Spun: Illuminati

Spun: Breach of Trust

By Jason McKay

An alternative rock band is the last thing you would expect to come out of the snow covered landscape of North Saskatchewan, but that is exactly where Breach of Trust is from. Maybe there’s something about coming from a small isolated town that creates good rock bands here in Canada. After all, Nickelback and Breach… Continue reading Spun: Breach of Trust

Refugee rights day focuses on improvements

By Erin Shumlich

April 4 marked the 26th anniversary of refugee rights day. In 1985, the verdict known as the Singh decision was delivered by the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the rights of refugee claimants in Canada to life, liberty and security of person. Before this, Canada’s… Continue reading Refugee rights day focuses on improvements

Dinos pop caps in Pronghorn posteriors

By Ian Waldbauer

Simply put, it was a war. And when the clock hit zero and the air cleared, the good guys walked away from the first round victorious.  The first round of the Canada West playoffs offered high intensity hockey, good goaltending, and a slough of powerplay goals; one for every girl with missing teeth cheering for the… Continue reading Dinos pop caps in Pronghorn posteriors