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Bad ads

By Jennifer Abel

Editor, the Gauntlet, I’m writing to express my concern about the CustomEssay.com advertisement of the Gauntlet. As an instructor in the Effective Writing Centre, it has been my experience that this kind of service comes very close to plagiarism–that is, misrepresenting someone else’s work as one’s own. Even though the site claims to only provide… Continue reading Bad ads

Holiday season on the silver screen

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Like a very welcome and comforting cup of Lady Grey on a cold day, holiday movie season has arrived. Higher quality films are starting to settle in, hoping to pique Academy voter interests as well as rake in the dough from people getting their yearly reprieve from work. Fear not lovers of irony, and those… Continue reading Holiday season on the silver screen

MFA graduates become the masters of their art

By Daniel Pagan

Culmination can mean different things for different people. It can relate to reaching a high peak, astronomy or arriving at the final stage of a journey. For artists involved in the Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, it means coming to the end of a long academic endeavour. As they prepare to leave a mark… Continue reading MFA graduates become the masters of their art

The Gauntlet’s 2008 Academy Awards Preview

By Ryan Pike

The Academy Awards have become solidified over time as Hollywood’s tribute to itself. Thankfully, it’s also provided gambling junkies with an opportunity to bet on things that are completely separate from professional sports. The Gauntlet’s dynamic duo of cinematic geekery, Entertainment Editor Ryan Pike and E&P Editor Jordyn Marcellus, attempt to accurately predict who will… Continue reading The Gauntlet’s 2008 Academy Awards Preview

The Gauntlet’s Oscar Predictions 2007

By Ryan Pike

The 79th Academy Awards take place Sun., Feb. 25 in Hollywood, and the world prepares for a spectacle of celebrities in silly outfits, overwrought acceptance speeches and excessive door prizes. It is, in no uncertain terms, the motion picture industry’s annual celebration of themselves. As usual, there’s a lot of debate on who deserves it… Continue reading The Gauntlet’s Oscar Predictions 2007

Molson Ballroom anyone?

By Veronika Janik

The redevelopment of the MacEwan Ballroom will result not only in a newer facility but also a renaming of the room itself. Molson Canada, the university’s main draft supplier, will provide funding, and to secure this funding and other capital costs from Molson, the Students’ Union will rename it the Molson Ballroom. The predicted expense… Continue reading Molson Ballroom anyone?

30 Seconds To Mars

By Myke Atkinson

The leap out of the garage and into the mainstream is one that few bands can lay claim to. Typically, the journey is slow, difficult and full of pitfalls. And for most, it’s one that stays unfinished.It has been a long trek for major-label newcomers 30 Seconds To Mars, however, the voyage is almost complete.… Continue reading 30 Seconds To Mars

I’m not a material girl

By Jan Creaser

After being forcefully told by my mother that I at least had to purchase stocking stuffers for everyone this year (that’s 10 people for brunch at my sister’s), I realized I hated Christmas. When I dug a little deeper, I discovered that it wasn’t Christmas I hated, but the self-gratifying materialism that accompanies this holiday… Continue reading I’m not a material girl