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By Jill Webber

Adult-oriented animated TV has been dominated by the likes of Family Guy and The Simpsons over the last few decades, but shows like Archer (and the much under-appreciated Bob’s Burgers) are rewriting the book on drawing funny. Archer is a spy whose love of sex, drugs and foul language gets him into precarious situations. Described… Continue reading Archer

The buzz on fuzz

By Jill Webber

The month of September was busy for Campus Security. Only the calls made to Campus Security last March topped those made in September. Thursday nights were especially busy, due to lots of after-hours activity at campus bars and nearby pubs. Although they were not as busy as they were in September 1998, the 6,000 new… Continue reading The buzz on fuzz

U of C researchers find genetic link to dyslexia

By Jill Webber

Researchers from the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine have discovered a genetic link between dyslexic children and their parents. U of C Pediatrics Professor and Head of the Behavioural Research Unit at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Dr. Bonnie Kaplan was happy with the results. "Parents want to know early on if their children are… Continue reading U of C researchers find genetic link to dyslexia