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Spun: Joanna Newsom

By Jordan Fritz

Joanna Newsom is better than you are. You’re just going to have to accept that. Oh, and she’s also the most beautiful person alive. This follow-up to 2005’s Ys is an hour-and-a-half of harp-ful orchestrated folk wonder. Have One On Me is a triple album that doesn’t let up its timeless beauty for a moment.… Continue reading Spun: Joanna Newsom

Spun: Eluvium

By Jordan Fritz

Ambience is normally thought of as background noise. Some sort of distant sound, the changes almost too subtle to notice, acting as repetition as a form of change. Time passes at such a rate that each moment seems as if the one prior may well have not occurred, and to recreate a moment is to… Continue reading Spun: Eluvium

Spun: Boris

By Jordan Fritz

Boris are one of those bands that can seamlessly change genres several times an album — even midsong — and not seem like pretentious fucks. They’ve maintained a steady release and tour schedule, making them Japan’s main export since the start of the current recession. Japanese Heavy Rock Hits is a series of four 7-inch… Continue reading Spun: Boris

Going for broke

By Sarelle Azuelos

Fifth year philosophy majors aren’t typically known for their financial prowess and Jordan Fritz is no exception. However, for the first four years of his University of Calgary career, Fritz managed to avoid going into debt by working in Fort MacMurray while staying at his parents’ home during summer months. “I worked for the city… Continue reading Going for broke

Spun: Mono

By Jordan Fritz

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Mono is a Japanese post-rock band who make sad, bleak and beautiful music through the use of layered guitars, a string section and sparse drumming. The album begins with feedback and static swirls underneath calming glockenspiel in “Ashes in the Snow.” An explosion of sound occurs marking… Continue reading Spun: Mono

Kashiwa Daisuke

By Jordan Fritz

Proving once and for all that people who use Macbooks aren’t necessarily useless, Kashiwa Daisuke envelops the listener within his own imagination in 5 Dec. Daisuke is not a musician, but a visionary. As a follow-up to 2007’s instrumental poetry reinterpretations, program music I, 5 Dec quickly moves from an uneasy ambience to overwhelming swells… Continue reading Kashiwa Daisuke

Goblin Cock

By Jordan Fritz

GET TO THA CHOPPAAA! Arnold Shwartzenegger jokes aside, Goblin Cock’s sophomore album Come With Me If You Want To Live is definitely worth a spin. Opening with ambient thunder and dissonant acoustic guitar, things quickly get heavier than a death in the family. Sludgeful down-tuned guitars unleash an onslaught upon your ears while the clean,… Continue reading Goblin Cock

Spun: Broken

By Jordan Fritz

Attention tough-guys: stop making music. Nobody wants to hear about how angry you are, how abusing women is sweet or your unnatural fascination with the German language. With a sound varying between System of a Down, shitty nu-metal and tiring industrial– all with a large helping of show-off-manship­– the Gods of Now present a fairly… Continue reading Spun: Broken

Spun: The Famines

By Jordan Fritz

Edmonton isn’t just an ugly town full of stuck-up hipsters that like dance music too much. Sometimes they make good music too. This is where the Famines come in. Made up of artist and ex-Vertical Struts member Raymond Biesinger and Garrett Kruger, formerly of Wolfnote, the Famines throw down a sonic assault usually only found… Continue reading Spun: The Famines