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VP Events: Lawrence Bailey–Qualified

Bailey is the only candidate without any formal SU government experience, but don’t let this fool you. His understanding of the ins and outs of the VP events position is comparable to his opponents. Bailey’s main challenge is to gain understanding of the procedures surrounding the formal aspects of SU governance. His strong networking skills… Continue reading VP Events: Lawrence Bailey–Qualified

Juicy Flames Gossip from Bailey

By Lawrence Bailey

The words "cautiously optimistic" and "Calgary Flames" are bandied about so often each October they’ve nearly lost all meaning. Still, with a 2-1 start to open the season and solid defensive play forming the backbone of this young team, they seem dangerously a propos.An admittedly tough opener on the road against a legitimate Cup contender… Continue reading Juicy Flames Gossip from Bailey

Men’s basketball

By Lawrence Bailey

With strong starters like Ross and Henry Bekkering and Robbie Sihota stepping up in key moments throughout the year, the men’s basketball team plowed their way to the semi-finals of the Final 8 tournament in Ottawa. The team also relied on breakout season from Tyler Fidler. The regular season draw against UBC only heated up… Continue reading Men’s basketball

NHL Preview: The East

By Lawrence Bailey

1. Ottawa Senators There is no team in the National Hockey League with the top-to-bottom talent of the Senators. They boast a pair of Norris-caliber defensemen with Wade Redden and Zdeno Chara, a trio of forwards capable of finishing in the top 10 in league scoring with Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza, and… Continue reading NHL Preview: The East

NHL Preview: The West

By Lawrence Bailey

1. San Jose Sharks Due to the number of exceptional teams, the top seed in the Western Conference is one of the tougher spots to slot someone. The Sharks get the edge for a handful of reasons from the chemistry that comes from bringing back the same core that went to the Western Conference Finals… Continue reading NHL Preview: The West

That’s Shambhala

By Lawrence Bailey

On his fifth year in attendance at the famous Kootenay music festival, Gauntlet legend Lawrence Bailey brings us a whimsical look at his personal half-decade experience with Shambhala’s unique and unforgettable atmosphere.Many would argue that all people simply want to belong, to feel as though they are a part of something. Whether it’s a family,… Continue reading That’s Shambhala

Best in the land

By Lawrence Bailey

Sitting on a bench, the sun shining down, it is clear Joanna Niemczewska has grown in the past year. While her warm, humble demeanor remains unchanged, a quiet resolve shines through. That resolve has allowed her to reach the highest heights of Canadian Interuniversity Sport–in only her third year. On Mon., May 3, Niemczewska became… Continue reading Best in the land