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Smoking not a killer

By Robert Clark

The Truth:Les Hagen, an executive director of Action Smoking and Health stated on Jan. 23 in a letter to the Calgary Herald that 1,000 people a year die from second-hand smoke in Canada. The next day MP Dave Rodney (Calgary-Lougheed) reported in a letter to the Herald that the number is 350. “The truth” is… Continue reading Smoking not a killer

SU Smoke

By Les Hagen

Editor, the Gauntlet, At a recent meeting attended by two senior students union officials, it was revealed that the SU sells about $400,000 worth of cigarettes annually. Of this total, the SU was reported to make at least $130,000 in revenue from cigarette sales and product placement, representing about one-third of total sales. Two-thirds of… Continue reading SU Smoke

Recruitment before profits

By Chris Beauchamp

Following a survey released last month rating the University of Calgary’s tobacco reduction policy as the worst of 35 Canadian post-secondary institutions, the U of C Students’ Union is again under fire for their support of tobacco marketing. “Tobacco companies [on campuses] are spending as much on tobacco promotions and retailing as they are on… Continue reading Recruitment before profits

All the cafe’s a stage

By Stephanie Tang

These days, coffee shop patrons are likely to get more than a frothy cappuccino and a pastry with their visit. Coffee shops offer snapshots of people’s lives, from the mundane to the bizarre. That’s what Swallow-A-Bicycle Theatre strives to portray with Eavesdrop: The Coffee Shop Show. “They could have massively dramatic stories happening, whether it’s… Continue reading All the cafe’s a stage

Online Exclusive: Sled Island 2012 show reviews

By Laura Bardsley

Since its debut in 2007, Sled Island has captured the hearts of audiences across Canada. This captivation is the result of many distinct parts: the amazing venues, talented musicians and local art all play role in making the festival what it is. Yet the thing that rules most about Sled Island is its simplicity —… Continue reading Online Exclusive: Sled Island 2012 show reviews

Cyclists unite to advocate common interests

By Sarah Dorchak

With a bright sky and sunlight dancing on bicycle spokes, the Calgary tour de nuit Society kicked off their second annual Ride the Road event last weekend. The race, along with a bike festival, aims to promote the Calgary cycling community and advocate for more cycling-focused infrastructure. “There are few other organizations around the world… Continue reading Cyclists unite to advocate common interests

Walk Hard

By Richard Lam

Urban Sprawl is not a new problem in Calgary. It increases as the city expands- quickly and sometimes inefficiently. Thanks to this, the average Calgarian may have trouble with seemingly simple tasks such as walking to the nearest grocery store. A typical student may find that Calgary Transit does not extend into their neighbourhood, forcing… Continue reading Walk Hard