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Online Only – Letter: The tax man cometh

By Louis Poirier

Editor, the Gauntlet,I’m really sick of continually hearing about the tax hike here in Calgary, why don’t they put it into perspective? Find something else that continually rises by about a compounding eight per cent every year. I know it’s tough, but I can think of one thing, our tuition. Since I’m on the tail… Continue reading Online Only – Letter: The tax man cometh

The silent ballot

By Louis Poirier

With a unified voice, 10 million Canadian voters asked for change by staying home and not voting. These silent voices know that their ballot won’t count and they refuse to vote just for sport. In this day and age, with our complex first-past-the-post system, you have to work very hard to make your vote count,… Continue reading The silent ballot

Disturbing deficit

By Louis Poirier

After watching the leaders debate, It is difficult to accept that all the federal parties find the prospect of financial deficit completely unacceptable, but not one of them can even bring up the concept of an environmental deficit. This is a serious issue and one that our leaders are too short sighted to even mention.… Continue reading Disturbing deficit