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Residence students battle expectations

By Brent Constantin

Residents of residence are having some reservations about recreation. Last Wednesday the University of Calgary Residence Students’ Association was given a probation notice from Residence Food and Conference Services, and some members aren’t too happy. RSA president Luke Mason, who represents about 1,750 students living on campus, revealed the probation is the result of several… Continue reading Residence students battle expectations

Rez executive recover from probation period

By Cheryl Rowland

CISSA, SU, BSD, CCR, CCEL ­– as if arriving at university wasn’t disorienting enough, it seems every organization, club and event carries an acronym with its name. Fortunately, for all students living in residence, there is one acronym that can prove exceptionally helpful in deciphering all of the others. The Residence Students’ Association, or RSA,… Continue reading Rez executive recover from probation period

Residence fees to increase up to 4.6%

By Rhiannon Kirkland

There are certain inevitabilities in student life. Fees will rise, there will always be more tests than time and there is always a bake sale in Science Theatres. Unfortunately for residence dwellers, it’s the first of these eventualities as residence fees are increasing. “We heard from the Residence Students’ Association that it’s going to be… Continue reading Residence fees to increase up to 4.6%