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By Magnus Xavier Fizzleworth esq. & Prof. Phillius P. Trundlebottom

Wherein noted word fandangalizer Magnus Fizzleworth and his Distinguished contemporary Professor Phillius P. Trundlebottom disclose with indomitable retrospective enthusiasm the Wonders of this year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Four.Best Canal Fizzleworth: There can be no Question that the Suez Canal takes top honours this year, being not only the most Southern canal… Continue reading THE BEST OF 1854


By Magnus Xavier Fizzleworth

Wherein noted word fandangalizer Magnus Fizzleworth expounds on the growing public indulgence of indecency in general and in the exploits of Paris Hilton in particular. Zounds. That We are allowing our children and the dullards at large to indulge in the ubiquitous boobery of that most heinous of celebrity of base flesh and vicarious Indulgence… Continue reading Trollops