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41 years and counting

By Mike Leung

It is fair to say that the Vancouver Canucks have had very successful regular seasons, finishing at or near the top of the standings the last two years. Unfortunately for the Canucks, it is the playoffs, not the regular season, that decide who walks away with Lord Stanley’s Cup. Vancouver has failed to win a… Continue reading 41 years and counting

Preventative maintenance

By Mike Leung

In the anticlimactic atmosphere surrounding the Alberta government’s recently released report on health care, there seems to be agreement on only one thing: the system needs to be changed. The report was not the expected epic clash between the federal and provincial governments, nor did it stoke the two-tier fire familiar to all Canadians.Nonetheless, there… Continue reading Preventative maintenance

U of C campus: a work in progress for 41 years and counting

By Mike Leung

In the early 1960s, the University of Calgary was no more than a barren snowfield where two lonely buildings stood, isolated from the surrounding blanket of white dust. Today, with over 650,000 square metres of floor space and over 20,000 full-time students, the campus has a stronger sense of direction and purpose under the Campus… Continue reading U of C campus: a work in progress for 41 years and counting

Campus growth, in handy table form

By Mike Leung

1957 Cosmic Ray lab, Sulhpur mountain 1960 Sept. Arts main building 1960 Sept. Science A completed br> 1961 Sept. Cosmic Ray lab, Sulhpur mountain extended 1961 Dec. Physical Education portion 1961 McMahon Stadium 1962 Aug. Grounds building 1962 Sept. Greenhouse 1963 Sept. Library Block 1964 Aug. Grounds building extended 1964 Oct. Engineering, Block E 1964… Continue reading Campus growth, in handy table form

The Heart of Mountain film

By Mike Leung

"I realized I was capable of meeting myself on the highest of mountains head-on. In the mountains, I just escape." For those attending this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival last weekend, Slovenian climber Tomaz Humar’s words echo a sentiment many of us share towards mountain places. For the famous climber, the separation from family and… Continue reading The Heart of Mountain film

Exploring porter life

By Mike Leung

Carrying the Burden explains the unfortunate plight of porters in Nepal who support the adventure trekking industry surrounding the world’s most famous mountain range. In particular, a whole tourism industry surrounds the base of Mount Everest–but because of the remote conditions, a great deal of goods must be literally carried up to base camp. The… Continue reading Exploring porter life

Hunting cultural myth

By Mike Leung

Grizzly: Face to Face opens with dramatic footage of a grizzly splashing through a northern British Columbian tidal flat in pursuit of a salmon. The salmon’s fin, barely visible through the top of the water, skitters away at a frantic pace that the 500 pound animal somehow manages to follow. Several strides later, outstretched paws… Continue reading Hunting cultural myth


By Valen Zha

In an orgy of drinking, celebration and congratulatory cheer, the Gauntlet staff consumed a record $970 worth of booze and nachos on its annual election night."You guys drank us $30 short of a thousand dollars," said incoming Editor-in-Chief Kris Kotarski. "What were you guys thinking and why was I sober?"For reasons unexplained, both Kotarski and… Continue reading FUBAR