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Privilege no longer a dirty word

By Miranda Krogstad

The word “privilege” has become a popular and dirty word. A quick look at #WhitePrivilege will show you how frequently this popular hashtag is used on social media. It also ranks within the top 6,000 words in the English language, beating out common words like “nowadays,” “endless” and “unfortunate.” Despite its booming popularity, the long… Continue reading Privilege no longer a dirty word

Spun: Andria Simone

By Miranda Krogstad

Toronto soul singer Andria Simone’s new album Good Lovin’ screams of old-school influence from the ’50s and ’60s — from the vintage-record look of the CD to the horn section piping in with little shots here and there — but refreshes the sound with modern pop and R&B beats and rhythms, producing an incredibly fun… Continue reading Spun: Andria Simone