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We need campus sustainability

By Jacqui Thompson, Stephanie Ferguson, Darcy Ippolito, Dave Almon, Andrea McIvor, Murray Birt

Imagine a university campus that is completely powered by renewable energy. Imagine a campus where you never have trouble finding a recycling bin. Imagine a campus where all food waste gets composted. Imagine a campus where tuition dollars aren’t flushed down the toilet with wasted energy use. In reality our campus is powered by dirty… Continue reading We need campus sustainability


By Jacqui Thompson and Murray Birt

What do you get when you take seven strangers, pile them into two small vehicles, send them on a 1,000 kilometer journey of prairie driving and road kill avoidance? You get a new group of friends learning, and thinking about the sustainability of the University of Calgary. The Sustainable Campuses conference was held in Winnipeg… Continue reading Sustainability

U-Pass Not Up Ass

By Murray Birt

Editor, the Gauntlet, I would like to issue a complaint about the campaign material being used by the "No" U-Pass campaign. In the electoral supplement, on posters, and on their website, the campaign is using the phrase "No Up Ass." I find that the hyphenation of "U-Pass" into "Up Ass" both offensive and distasteful. By… Continue reading U-Pass Not Up Ass

Centre would bring change

By Murray Birt

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: "Women’s centre not necessary," Oct. 9, 2003, Jankovic admits men are still able to physically and emotionally dominate women, making women’s shelters still necessary. Is the campus somehow immune to this? In my five years on campus I have read countless reports of stalkers, voyeurs, men exposing themselves and assault. A… Continue reading Centre would bring change

U of C needs to look at environment

By Murray Birt

“There are not enough great things in our society because there are too many good things,” said President Harvey Weingarten to the Nov. 2002 graduates. Referring to society in general, but higher education specifically, Dr. Weingarten is working to make the University of Calgary a great university. That is to be applauded. However, one area… Continue reading U of C needs to look at environment

Rethinking the Kyoto Accord

By Murray Birt

>”We’re Albertans… of course we care about the environment.” Or so goes Alberta’s Kyoto advertising campaign. So what is it all about? Are economics and ecology forever doomed to be at loggerheads? This PIRG column aims to “percolate” ideas about social justice and the environment into the campus community. While some might think that makes… Continue reading Rethinking the Kyoto Accord

WTO woes

By Murray Birt

We lived off rice and lentils, slept in a canvas tent under the cold October sky, trekked many miles and fought the harsh climate of the Alberta Rockies. The cameras were constantly on us as we struggled to achieve the ultimate goal. One million dollars? Not even close. The goal was to better understand the… Continue reading WTO woes

Finding felonious factories

By Murray Birt

Mr. Birt is an organizer with Calgary Public Interest Research Group. In March of 2002, students will be asked whether or not they support a refundable student levee funding CPIRG. Last year, a non-binding opinion question found a majority of students supported the idea of funding CPIRG.     Wash dark colours separately. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry… Continue reading Finding felonious factories