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Nic Porco

Pros • Overwhelming involvement in committees • Dedication to student representation • Works well within the system Cons • Ineffective communication with students • Too portfolio focused • Unattainable campaign promises     &nbspNic Porco is like classical music. It takes a lot of effort and examination to figure out and appreciate what it is he does… Continue reading Nic Porco

Porco and team get the vote

By Jane Alkhouri

Student representatives may soon have voting rights on the General Faculties Council (GFC), the academic policy body of the University of Calgary. Specifically, this means faculty representatives who sit on the Student Academic Assembly (SAA), the Vice-president Academic and President of the Students’ Union. This was the result of a year-long initiative by incoming VP… Continue reading Porco and team get the vote

Porco aces Academic race

By Ruth Davenport

Nic Porco’s conquest of the Vice-president Academic race is just the beginning of an extraordinary year, according to his predecessor. "Nic is going to have a fantastic year," declared VP Academic Mark Hoekstra. "He’s had two years as a commissioner, he [has] a tremendous wealth of knowledge [and] he’s known and respected by the administration.… Continue reading Porco aces Academic race

Controversial CASA conference

By James Keller

It is with caution that five Student’s Union delegates term a national lobby conference hosted by the Canadian Alliance of Students’ Associations in Ottawa a “success.”The purpose of the conference, attended by SU President Barb Wright, Vice-President External Oliver Bladek, VP Academic Nic Porco and External Commissioners David Rassin and Erin Welk, was to bring… Continue reading Controversial CASA conference

An open letter to Harvey Weingarten

By Nic Porco

Dear Dr. Weingarten,On behalf of the students at the University of Calgary I welcome you to your position as our President and Vice-Chancellor. The University of Calgary is a growing institution, still not having hit its stride. A young university with plenty of potential and an abundance of good people working very hard to make… Continue reading An open letter to Harvey Weingarten

Students closer to gaining vote on FPC

By Ruth Davenport

Students may get to say in which professors get raises if Vice-president Academic-elect Nic Porco has his way. The Appointment, Promotions and Dismissals committee of the General Faculties Council voted 4-3 in favour of a motion to grant voting rights to students sitting on Faculty Promotion Committees brought forth by Porco in February 2000. "The… Continue reading Students closer to gaining vote on FPC

SU election results


President Barb Wright 1,268 Andre Rodrigues 601 Ryan Yau 530 Steve Skitch 293 Danijel Margetic 277 Jonathan Olsen 130 Brad Parkyn 57 Thomas Mathers 37     VP Academic Nic Porco 2,320 Bryndis K. Whitson 709     VP Events Chris Kerr 1,770 Tina Pringle 1,231     Events Commission Oliver Ho 1,727 Sarah Richards… Continue reading SU election results

Full-contact forums for SU Election

By Natalie Sit

"I wasn’t that interested," commented a departing student. That sentiment summed up students’ reactions to Tuesday’s Students’ Union Vice-president Academic forum. Nic Porco and Bryndis Whitson commented on the lack of students at the Speaker’s Corner location, a change from last year’s arena of the columns in MacEwan Hall. The forum blasted off with the… Continue reading Full-contact forums for SU Election

Brown angers SU reps

By Natalie Sit

This year’s tuition consultation process resulted not only in a tuition increase but also in disagreement between student representatives. University of Calgary Board of Governors student-at-large representative Drew Brown last week asked for the resignation of Students’ Union Vice-president External Duncan Wojtaszek and SU Academic Commissioner Nic Porco because of their comments regarding the 3.7… Continue reading Brown angers SU reps