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On Chartwells

By Nolan Hill

Editor, the Gauntlet, Regarding the outsourcing of Food Services; I would like to begin by lauding the administration of the university for making this decision. As a student living in traditional residence, I eat at the Dining Center almost every day. It has not been my experience that the quality of the food, and the… Continue reading On Chartwells

Coming home by coming out

By Sean Sullivan

This year, scripts have been tossed out as performers draw on their personal stories and experiences for the University of Calgary’s fourth annual Coming Out Monologues, presented by U of C’s Leadership and Student Engagement from March 13–16.
 The Coming Out Monologues, inspired by Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, began at the University of California,… Continue reading Coming home by coming out

First Year Council improves student experience

By Emily Macphail

Currently in its first semester, the First Year Council was an idea thought up by the Leadership and Student Engagement office’s coordinator of leadership and training programs, Camille de Lacy. At the time, de Lacy was acting as coordinator of orientation and First Year Experience, a position now held by Meg Martin. Kelsey Hamill, a… Continue reading First Year Council improves student experience

Top 5 films of 2006

By Kyle Francis

5- Mission Impossible III Though it suffered from some poor audience reception due to its “Tom Cruise is a nutjob” factor, the JJ Abrams directed spy-thriller is still easily the best of the series. Trumping even Casino Royale in sheer fun factor, MI:III suffered from none of the pacing problems plaguing its thematic cousin. With… Continue reading Top 5 films of 2006

Music Interview: Making a Kinda Magic

By Leah Sasges

Flashback to 1992: a little girl sits silently in a movie theatre, quietly nibbling away at her kiddie combo. Garth and Wayne begin to sing along with a car stereo “I see a little silhouetto of a man/Scaramouche, scaramouche will you do the fandango?/Thunderbolts and lightning very very frightening me.” It’s like a chorus of… Continue reading Music Interview: Making a Kinda Magic

Spun: The End

By Nolan Lewis

Being lumped into the math/noisecore circles including bands such as Dillenger Escape Plan and Converge, Ontario’s The End is taking the genre and catapulting it forward. The End takes their listeners on a brain-bursting trip that’s brutally heavy and discordant, yet darkly ambient and melodic. It’s a journey deep into the crawling walls of the… Continue reading Spun: The End

Johnson rules / Bionic man wins Extra Effort Award

By Kris Kotarski

Allison Johnson – Kris Kotarski It was almost a disaster. Mere hours before the Night of the Dino banquet, the Gauntlet Extra Effort Award plaque read "Alisson Johnson." "Why is it a disaster?" you ask. "Johnson deserves it for her outstanding and often overlooked performance for the field hockey squad." Sure she does. That’s why… Continue reading Johnson rules / Bionic man wins Extra Effort Award