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UNBF gets $3.7 million for Pepsi deal

By Pat Fitzpatrick

In an exclusive interview with the Brunswickan, University of New Brunswick Comptroller Daniel Murray revealed at last that the UNB Fredericton campus will receive an estimated $3.7 million dollars as a result of the exclusive "Cold Beverage Argeement" with Pepsi Cola. In total, Murray estimates that $4.9 million in revenue from the agreement will be… Continue reading UNBF gets $3.7 million for Pepsi deal

Delhi 2 Dublin go coast to coast

By Victoria Parent

Despite popular belief, being a successful musician isn’t all about “living the dream.” In reality, the life of a musician is a life of sacrifice. Musicians usually have to prioritize their music before friends, family, a beautiful IKEA-furnished condo and a standard nine-to-five office job. Life for most musicians involves a lot of time being… Continue reading Delhi 2 Dublin go coast to coast

Perfectionism can paralyze work, says study

By Yolanda Machado

If you often find yourself not making a deadline because your work needs to be perfect, you could be suffering from perfectionism. An article by University of Dalhousie psychology professor Simon B. Sherry and colleague Skye Fitzpatrick emphasized the fact that some researchers and students are so concerned with producing perfect work that they sometimes… Continue reading Perfectionism can paralyze work, says study

Boxers or news briefs?

By Chris Tait

Let me guess… it’s cold.Polar bears may have to re-evaluate the feasibility of their secret trading routes following “The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Report: Shipping in the Canadian Arctic,” a lecture with Dr. Rob Huebert. The lecture, presented by the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies and the Arctic Institute of North America, will happen… Continue reading Boxers or news briefs?

The Lady and the Duke is no revolution

By Jane FitzPatrick

Not unlike the French Revolution upon which The Lady & The Duke is based, this movie will create a dichotomy amongst the citizens of the general movie-going population. The first crowd will consist of extremely satisfied French new wave fans and history connoisseurs. The second group, a herd of frustrated and disappointed hopefuls.The Lady and… Continue reading The Lady and the Duke is no revolution

Blurring the line between truth and fiction

By Malwina Gudowska

The best word for Todd Solondz’s Storytelling is intense-a movie made to shock. This shock value is so grotesquely obvious in the first segment, “Fiction,” that you’ll walk away shaking your head, wondering why certain artists feel the need to automatically associate artistic value with sexuality."Fiction" is about Vi (Selma Blair), a college student in… Continue reading Blurring the line between truth and fiction

(orange) works outside the brackets

By Mary Chan

Something orange is growing at the University of Calgary, and no, it’s not mould. In fact, it’s (orange), an undergraduate English journal of creative writing. "Our mandate is to promote new and upcoming writing; writing that comes from the University of Calgary, though not exclusively," says fourth-year English student Nikki Reimer, one of (orange)’s five… Continue reading (orange) works outside the brackets