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Looking for love in all the right places

By Paul and Ian Baker

The Canadian dollar is down, the economy is crumbling, tuition is still rising, people are taking on second jobs just to make ends meet and taking out second mortgages on their houses. Still, February is full of shows that will make you want to pawn the last of your stuff for the tickets. Since you’re… Continue reading Looking for love in all the right places

Concerts to warm your cockles

By Paul Baker

If you’re looking for some marvelous melodies this holiday season to counteract the same old, tiresome carols, have no fear. There are plenty of bitchin’ bands coming through town to warm the cockles of your winter-chilled, music-loving heart. For those who enjoy some rock standards, check out Metallica at the Saddledome on Thursday and Friday.… Continue reading Concerts to warm your cockles

Alternative offerings for the winter music season

By Paul Baker

Though Rocktober is coming to a close, there are still some sweet shows coming up to get you through the semester. Take a break from the worsening winter weather and check out all the hottest upcoming shows. Before going trick-or-treating this Friday, you can check out some spooky on campus music as locals Secret Broadcast… Continue reading Alternative offerings for the winter music season

Spun: The Consumer Goods

By Paul Baker

Political indie-poppers the Consumer Goods’ latest release, The Anti-Imperial Cabaret, is something refreshing in the Canadian music scene, as well as being refreshingly Canadian. “Hockey Night in Afghanada” starts with the Goods’ singer and songwriter Tyler Shipley exclaiming “Fuck Don Cherry!” before launching into a poppy ditty about hockey and war. Other songs take aim… Continue reading Spun: The Consumer Goods

52 things to do before you graduate

By Garth Paulson

The University of Calgary is man things. It’s an institution struggling to find a place in the Canadian post-secondary environment. It’s a series of buildings dropped into a middle-aged neighborhood. It’s an architectural mish-mash stuck between ugly ’60s brown and The Jetsons. Most importantly, though, the U of C is a place you will be… Continue reading 52 things to do before you graduate

The terror of the minority

By John Leung

The Speech from the Throne last week in the House of Commons is the traditional start of a new parliamentary session. For governments coming off election victories, the speech is their way of outlining what they will set out to accomplish in the first session of their newly-minted mandate. Usually, when Parliament votes on the… Continue reading The terror of the minority