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Remembering a great man, John F. Kennedy

By Alex Procyk

Nov. 22 marks an unpleasant historical milestone — an event too impactful and sobering to be forgotten. For good or evil, U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s assassination continues to haunt us and capture our imaginations. The 50th anniversary of this tragic event casts a shadow over the path to closure on that day’s dark events.… Continue reading Remembering a great man, John F. Kennedy

Entrepreneurial student offers expert advice

By Brent Constantin

Ask any student about the difficulty of going to school full-time and you’ll hear similar stories. Everyday thousands of students have to choose between their rent, school related expenses and food on limited budgets. But one student has discovered an ingenious way to not only save money on food this spring, but also help to… Continue reading Entrepreneurial student offers expert advice

Spun: Air

By Jordyn Marcellus

French electronic duo Air enthusiastically return with Love 2, their first album since 2007’s Pocket Symphony. The pair, who have been together for over 10 years, are known for creating innovative chill-out electronica with distinct synth-flavoured grooves and electronically treated voices. While not straying too far from their traditional formula, Love 2 provides an interesting… Continue reading Spun: Air

Every little thing she does is magic

By Ryan Pike

Throughout the 1990s, the realm of animated film was ruled over by Disney. Bolstered by such award-winning films as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King, Disney could do no wrong. Soon the ’90s ended and traditional cell animation gave way to computer-generated animation, leaving Disney out in the cold.… Continue reading Every little thing she does is magic

Films to fill the Holidays

By Hoang-Mai Hong

The holidays are a prime time for the release of potentially high-quality movies. As studios are aware of the warm-and-fuzzies that are involved in being with various loved ones around this time of year, there are plenty of the usual weepers, family flicks and inspirational Oscar candidates to go see. Thankfully, there are also a… Continue reading Films to fill the Holidays

USRIs revisited

By Amanda Hu

The fall semester is coming to an end and with that comes invitations to complete the Universal Student Ratings of Instruction. The USRIs were designed to give students a forum to provide feedback about professors and teaching assistants’ quality of instruction. The surveys feature questions with statements that can be given ratings from ‘strongly agree’… Continue reading USRIs revisited