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The Russians are coming

By R. Paul Dyck

An opportunity to experience one of the world’s most important personalities firsthand is rare. However, the arrival of one of the most renowned statesmen of recent times provides such a chance to University of Calgary students. On Thurs., Oct. 12, former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev will speak at the U of C… Continue reading The Russians are coming

Señor Winter

By Russ Dyck

They all shudder and scowl when he’s in their presence. Those that know him seem to know him too well. Those that hate him have never really given him a chance. Old Man Winter has received a bad rap from the majority that he just can’t shake and doesn’t deserve. I am part of the… Continue reading Señor Winter

Playoff fever

By Russ Dyck

The National Lacrosse League playoff race is a hard road to travel to the championship. One loss anywhere along the way and you’re out. That’s it. You don’t have to lose four games to lose the series–there is no series, just a single game each round. That meant all the Calgary Roughnecks needed was a… Continue reading Playoff fever

Pilsner and the Rubber Duck

By Russ Dyck

“By the way, I prefer to be referred to as the Rubber Duck.”"That’s from Convoy, right?""Dude, you’re like the first fuckin’ guy that has ever, ever nailed that."So, my small town background is good for something and came in handy interviewing another small towner.Rubber Duck, along with Waylon Nelson, Gordon Leadfoot and Luther Chickengravy, make… Continue reading Pilsner and the Rubber Duck

More kudos

By Russ Dyck

Dino footballers Dan Federkeil, Evan Haney and Jeff Montgomery are going to play for the West team in the second annual Canadian Interuniversity Sport East-West Bowl. The Bowl will be held at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario and is comprised of 2005 CFL draftees and a minimum of three athletes from each CIS university.… Continue reading More kudos

Meditations on sporting activites

By Russ Dyck

Taryn Swiatek, the former University of Calgary women’s soccer team goalie (from 1999-2001), was awarded the Booster Club’s Henry Viney Trophy for Female Athlete of the Year Tue., Mar. 16. Swiatek helped the Canadian women’s World Cup team reach the semi-finals during last year’s tournament with her steady hands as keeper. This was a huge… Continue reading Meditations on sporting activites

Track time

By Russ Dyck

The University of Calgary track and field team competed at the Alberta High Performance meet Feb. 21-22 and arrived back in Calgary with some impressive bling. Jessica Zelinka was exceptional, winning the 60m with the fastest time in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport rankings, while Shannon Slater and Samantha Anderson won the 1500m and pentathlon, respectively,… Continue reading Track time