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Dreaming awake

By Sherra Hill

Sometimes you dream so vividly you wake up still feeling afraid, empowered or however you felt in your dream. It’s as though the residue of some intangible memory clings to the edges of your mind until a cold shower and a cup of coffee reacquaints you with reality. Richard Linklater’s new film, Waking Life, is… Continue reading Dreaming awake

Marriage of deceit and desire

By Sherra Hill

Despite the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s recent strike, the music for The Marriage of Figaro is phenomenal. The stand-ins, professional musicians from around the province, demonstrated remarkable talent and won a standing ovation at the end. The singers gained a similar response from the audience, still bowing and curtsying as the curtain hovered uncertainly in the… Continue reading Marriage of deceit and desire