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Events forum: bringing the good times

By Christian Louden

Unfortunately, the events forum lacked a beat-boxing competition, featuring instead a polite exchange between four of the five candidates vying for a commissioner seat, Wed., Feb. 6. Most of the debate between the commission hopefuls centred on the sorts of events they hope to see in the future. Talk was sparked with regard to the… Continue reading Events forum: bringing the good times

It’s just sex, let’s talk about it

By Tim Louden

The excitement is palpable as the University of Calgary gears up for its second annual Sexual and Gender Wellness Week from Feb. 11–15. A carnival, seminars, panel discussion and other events will be held in MacEwan Student Centre throughout the week to educate students about healthy sexuality.
 “Our core goal is to provide a forum… Continue reading It’s just sex, let’s talk about it

Hate the game

By Tim Louden

Overpaid corporate executives are bad for business. Large bonuses have had implications in a lack of corporate accountability, further economic instability and diminishing returns for the average worker’s salary.
 The financial crisis of the late 2000s — colloquially dubbed ‘The Great Recession’ — saw the loss of millions of jobs and homes, and the evaporation… Continue reading Hate the game

Dinos diamond dinner

By Tim Louden

Baseball Hall of Famer Richard “Goose” Gossage is set to help bring much needed relief to the University of Calgary Dinos baseball and fastball clubs.
 The Dinos are hosting their ninth annual fundraiser dinner on Jan. 31 at the McMahon Stadium Red and White Club. The evening will feature a keynote address by former Major… Continue reading Dinos diamond dinner

New $25 student credit

By Tim Louden

University of Calgary Active Living is now offering a $25 credit to full- and part-time students.
 The plan is currently available and U of C students can apply this credit towards all programs offered by Active Living, as well as equipment rentals and programs from the Outdoor Centre.
 The credit was provided in response to… Continue reading New $25 student credit

Of mythic bootstraps

By Remi Watts

You did not get to university, nor got through university, nor achieved the success you have on account of your hard work and determination, and if you think you did then you’ve convinced yourself of one of our society’s most vicious, false and damaging lies. Shame on anyone who convinces himself or herself of the… Continue reading Of mythic bootstraps

The Jezabels

By Christian Louden

The band met while attending school at the University of Sydney, and after finishing their degrees, they took on music as a full-time profession. However, during that time they didn’t end up meeting a bass player — and since then, the band has decided to go without. “At first we thought that we would need… Continue reading The Jezabels

Born Ruffians

By Christian Louden

Some bands can easily fly under the radar and go unnoticed by indie fans who don’t spend their time scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest. Born Ruffians are not one of those bands. Their song “Hummingbird” has made its way on to TV screens all over the western world first on the British… Continue reading Born Ruffians