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Legal marijuana and the developing mind

By Tobias Ma

Marijuana hurts young people — this doesn’t change the fact that it should be legalized. The New York-based Icahn School of Medicine and the University of Montreal have released a new study on cannabis’s effect on adolescent brains. The results are not pretty, but they do not make the case for legalization any less compelling.… Continue reading Legal marijuana and the developing mind

You win, you selfish bastards

By Tobias Ma

During this year’s Students’ Union election, the student population voted down the MacHall redevelopment referendum and the CJSW levy increase. That’s fine. Nobody is mad. But we should really take this opportunity to re-examine how funds are distributed throughout the school, and assess where to trim the fat from nonessential services. Let’s start with washrooms.… Continue reading You win, you selfish bastards

Partying with the media party

By Tobias Ma

From Jan. 10-12, the Gauntlet attended the Canadian University Press’s national student journalism conference, hosted by the Gateway, the University of Alberta’s paper. NASH is a conference for the nation’s student newspapers to share tradecraft, attend workshops and get drunk in hotel rooms, although which of these objectives it succeeded at I will not speculate… Continue reading Partying with the media party