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The Panel

Emily SengerNews Assistant, Supplement Editor As news assistant, Emily has covered more SU articles in her three years than she cares to remember. Ændrew Rininsland News Writer As a new volunteer this year, Ændrew provides a slightly less cynical, unbiased viewpoint. Dale MillerEditor-in-Chief Dale has been at the U of C for six years… that’s… Continue reading The Panel

SU Midterm Review: Intro

By Gauntlet

It’s not our intention to needlessly harm reputations, but it is our intention to report to the student body how the Students’ Union executive is working. We looked at four major areas: How the President and each Vice-President works with and utilizes their commission, how SU progress so far matches individual campaign pledges, ways each… Continue reading SU Midterm Review: Intro

The Panel

Chris BeauchampNews Assistant, Supplement EditorAs News Assistant, Chris has covered numerous student issues throughout the year.Ben HoffmanLayout and Opinions EditorAs last year’s News Assistant, Ben knows the workings of the SU inside and out. Dale MillerNews Editor Dale Miller has been to every SLC meeting this year–can anyone else say they’ve done that? Poor guy.Sean… Continue reading The Panel

The axe falls

By Chris Beauchamp

Carolyn Andres has been a beloved member of the Political Science Department for 13 years, helping students and faculty with the often unglamorous tasks of photocopying, scheduling and organizing course materials. As of this week Andres’ job no longer exists, and she isn’t alone. In the first tangible effect of University of Calgary budget cuts… Continue reading The axe falls

Call this democracy?

By Badger Badger

As a billow of white smoke rose from the secluded Gauntlet offices on the third floor of MacEwan Student Centre, a writ was put forward by the electorate: democracy doesn’t work. Moments after taking off his make-shift newspaper robe and Pope-inspired Mitre Hat, Editor-in-Chief candidate and son of the Dean of Communication and Culture, Rob… Continue reading Call this democracy?

New Gauntlet Editors

By Col. Ingus

Fearing regime change through force, the Gauntlet held its free and democratic elections on the first day of war in Iraq. “I will not leave the office!” screamed a triumphant Lawrence Bailey, who won the Editor-in-Chief election by one vote. “I will also tell my sons to stay put!”Other candidates were not so lucky.“I guess… Continue reading New Gauntlet Editors

SU View not SU’s actual view

By Jen Smith

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Gauntlet unaccountable,” Mar. 17, 2005, I think that last week’s SU View, labeled “Gauntlet unaccountable,” by [SU Vice-President Opera-tions and Finance] Greg Clayton should be retracted. It might be fine as a personal letter by Greg to the editor, but the SU View is supposed to be, well, the SU’s view,… Continue reading SU View not SU’s actual view