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The great job hunt

By Emily Senger

I did a very important thing this week. I crossed the great gap from being a carefree kid to being an adult. The transformation occurred in about one minute, the minute I got and accepted a job offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of jobs before. But this job is different. In this… Continue reading The great job hunt

BSD goes down smooth like… beer

By Emily Senger

Maybe it was the cold and snowy weather, or the change of venue, or fewer people then usual taking part in drunken revelry. Whatever the reason, the Bermuda Shorts Day festivities on Fri.,¬†April¬†16 ran uncharacteristically smooth, with only one ambulance call and one student hauled away by the police.“We [Campus Security] were a little worried… Continue reading BSD goes down smooth like… beer

Tweens rejoice

By Ben Hoffman

I’m a moron, what can I say. Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected Jeff, the cruel Entertainment Editor, to take me seriously when I sarcastically offered to review Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. I realized my first judgment of him as a human being was incorrect when he handed me the… Continue reading Tweens rejoice

A centre of their own

By Emily Elder

It began as a class project. When Annalea Sordi, a 2003 sociology graduate, started at the University of Calgary in 1998, the Women’s Collective and Resource Centre was open and active. It closed in 1999. Three years later, when a class presented the opportunity, Sordi and classmates Karoline Kemp and Angela Sheppard decided to try… Continue reading A centre of their own

Sex is safe again

By Emily Senger

Students can sleep safely this week, the Students’ Union’s supply of free condoms has been replenished.Students looking to get lucky last week with the aid of a free condom from the SU may have noticed an empty fish bowl and a sign asking students to donate money to the Campus Food Bank. Contrary to popular… Continue reading Sex is safe again

Censoring poetic dissent in the US

By Mary Chan

Does poetry have any place in the political arena? Late last month, First Lady Laura Bush cancelled a Feb. 12 poetry symposium at the White House when some poets planned to turn it into an anti-war protest. Among the protesters are Washington-based poet and publisher Sam Hamill, who declined his invitation and encouraged the poets… Continue reading Censoring poetic dissent in the US