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Re: " Political ‘Science ‘," Sept. 27, 2001,

Editor, the Gauntlet, After four years in Kinesiology, Gauntlet News Editor Ruth Davenport went in search of something a little "less scientific, less defined, and more subjective." Accordingly, she enrolled in two Political Science classes. It is clear that Ms. Davenport is disappointed with her choice. What is far less clear is why. The ongoing… Continue reading Re: " Political ‘Science ‘," Sept. 27, 2001,

No holds barred Battle of the Sexes

By Kris Kotarski

Kris Kotarski – Out to pasture     What’s the deal with women?Why are they even allowed out in public? Don’t get me wrong, I like the good-looking ones, but why do they have to open their mouths? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if they just knew their role and stayed in the kitchen?This brings us… Continue reading No holds barred Battle of the Sexes

Reaction on Campus

p>Credits: Concept and Layout by Kris Kotarski, Michael Leung, Ruth Davenport and Lawrence Bailey. U of C photos by Вen Li, Kris Kotarski, Lawrence Bailey and Aaron Whitfield. Many thanks to the Columbia Spectator in New York and the George Washington Hatchet in Washington. Background photo courtesy Shawn Choy/The Columbian Spectator, New York

A place to call our own

By Lil’Dong

Clouds of dust and 40 minutes was all it took to bring about the end of the Gauntlet’s 40-year-long, Room 310 MacEwan Hall era. On Fri., May 4, a crew of stalwart movers packed up the former Gauntlet office supplies and shuffled them down the hall to the other side of the building. "It’s so… Continue reading A place to call our own

And check this list twice before watching

It’s the same every year. Among the buzz of Christmas shopping, chestnut roasting and rum-filled eggnog (and uncles), there was always television there to keep us in the true holiday spirit. From Charles Schutlz’s 1965 masterpiece A Charlie Brown Christmas to Parker and Stone’s redefinition in Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo of what is fit… Continue reading And check this list twice before watching