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By Garth Paulson

There are a lot of negative things I could say about this album. The easiest thing would be giving it a bad review and moving on, except for one little problem: it isn’t bad. Despite all their flaws, Pilate (who will be supporting The Dears Fri., Oct. 24 at SAIT) managed to create an entirely… Continue reading Pilate


By Garth Paulson

Listen to 1208 and you’ll feel the punk flowing through your veins. To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard a new melodic hardcore band that’s remained so true to the pure teenage angst that is the father of one of punk-rock’s greatest sub genres. Coming from a region of punk with… Continue reading 1208

Students’ Union Election SWAT

It’s that time of year. The posters have gone up, the baby kissing has started, and the police have been dispatched to deal with myriad reports of pedophilia. That’s right, it’s election time. In the spirit of the Students’ Union elections, the Gauntlet’s Academic Probation section has gathered together the four most judgemental people at… Continue reading Students’ Union Election SWAT

The man with the plan

By Chris Tait

University is a place of learning. We continually kid ourselves with this misleading line. The truth is, it’s unavoidable learning things at university, just as it is anywhere else.Fluid dynamics, collision physics, anatomy, chemistry, and medicine. But you don’t have to go to class to get all of these lessons. There are no prerequisite courses,… Continue reading The man with the plan

Travel Supplement Introduction

By Lawrence Bailey

The contents of this supplement are a little immature, especially as far as travel goes, considering the bulk of the authors and photographers are new to the game. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia… these are not the Himalayas, Burundi or even Russia. Most of your friendly neighbourhood student journalists are not that different than… Continue reading Travel Supplement Introduction