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Spun: Method Man

By Ben Hoffman

As the first couple tracks cue up, the question eventually rises: what am I hearing here that I haven’t heard already? Thus the tragic flaw of Method Man becomes apparent–in a world full of trends and confusion over what makes a beat or flow sound current, Meth’s stylings on this second solo project from the… Continue reading Spun: Method Man


By Ben Hoffman

The physical human being–the collection of physical and chemical microsystems comprising the human body¬≠–is an immensely complicated structure that we invariably benefit by studying. On one side of this innumerably-sided research-benefit coin lies the fulfillment of our curiosity about our existence in light of the particularly haunting truth that we need not necessarily fulfill it;… Continue reading Playing@nonsense


By Ben Hoffman

He died doing what he loved–being stabbed in the heart by stingrays. You may have happened across the news that Steve Irwin, Australia’s “Crocodile Hunter,” from the show of the same name, was killed this month, much to the whimsical chagrin of everyone in the world. Don’t confuse this; he was a conservationist, and a… Continue reading Crikey!

Red Doors Reviewed

By Ben Hoffman

I am surrounded by the overbearing traditional Chinese family.Let me back up. If you couldn’t tell by my byline, I’m not Chinese. How could an overbearing traditional Chinese family possibly surround me? Well, that’s not what I said. Simply, I have either had the misfortune to only meet people of Chinese descent with the worst… Continue reading Red Doors Reviewed

2005: Best in games

By Rob Scherf, Kyle Francis, Chris Courtice and Ben Hoffman

God of War–PlayStation 2Killing hookers on the mean streets of San Andreas is so passe. This year, if it’s sex and violence you want, look no further than Sony’s surprise hit, God of War. The game’s focus, an ancient greek man named Kratos, won’t hesitate to tear in half any minotaurs, gorgons, or demons standing… Continue reading 2005: Best in games

Spun: Kate Bush

By Ben Hoffman

Scouted at the tender age of 16 with help from Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Kate Bush spent the next three years getting ready to slam into the British art-rock scene in 1978. Her first single, “Wuthering Heights,” quickly cemented her place in prog and was lauded for its intelligent themes and ethereal melodies.Bush continued to… Continue reading Spun: Kate Bush