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Spun: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

By Chris Beauchamp

It’s not uncommon to find big-name musicians putting their star power behind social and political causes. The most famous examples include Bob Geldof’s Live Aid concert in 1985 to raise awareness and funds for the famine in Ethiopia, and more recently, his follow-up Live 8 concert in 2005 to combat global poverty. While many mainstream… Continue reading Spun: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

Lefebvre busted

By Chris Beauchamp

Philanthropist John Lefebvre, known on the University of Calgary campus for his $1.2 million donation to the faculty of fine arts in 2005, has been arrested in the U.S. on money-laundering charges. Lefebvre, a former U of C Students’ Union president, faces charges of conspiring to transfer funds with the intent to promote illegal gambling… Continue reading Lefebvre busted

SU Reviews: SU VP academic Shannon O’Connor, a.k.a the acrobat

By Chris Beauchamp

O‘Connor has to jump through hoops thrown from the U of C administration, student faculty representatives, four academic commissioners, and any student who feels slighted in the academic realm. O’Connor is pulling off these stunts well, using the safety net of SU staff to great effect.It’s more than a cliche to suggest VP academic Shannon… Continue reading SU Reviews: SU VP academic Shannon O’Connor, a.k.a the acrobat

Pink Flamingo Challenge: An old-school slacker

By Chris Beauchamp

The workout assignment: Workout 40 times over four months and turn this skinny body into toned carbon steel. Status: Failed.The writing assignment: Describe the entire workout experience, from fatty food-fueled start to flexed fitness-finish in a fun, quirky, self-deprecating way sure to educate budding body-building buffs everywhere.Status: Maybe. The results are in, sort of. After… Continue reading Pink Flamingo Challenge: An old-school slacker

We’re in the money!

By Chris Beauchamp

The University of Calgary held one of their oft-repeated publicity stunts again this week, only this time there was a twist: there was something worth publicizing, and the fireworks were mysteriously absent. Following on the heals of a slew of “groundbreaking” ceremonies held over the past eight months to celebrate new buildings and projects that… Continue reading We’re in the money!

Editorial: Still not enough

By Chris Beauchamp

Despite a two-year wait, a bloated and troubled consultation process and countless promises, the recently delivered Alberta affordability framework for post-secondary education is an unsurprising dud. Back in February 2005, King Ralph himself promised that Alberta’s new affordability framework, including “the most innovative, entrepreneurial and affordable tuition policy in the country,” would be in place… Continue reading Editorial: Still not enough

Pink Flamingo Challenge: Checking In

By Jon Roe

Chris Beauchamp and Jon Roe have entered the Pink Flamingo Challenge, a U of C fitness challenge pitting old-school training against new-school techniques. Last week they went through a series of tests to determine their fitness levels. The results are in and now the real fun can begin. Chris Beauchamp, Editor-in-Chief Vitals: Height: Weight: Body… Continue reading Pink Flamingo Challenge: Checking In

Editorial: Time to pay up or shut up

By Chris Beauchamp

Late last month the University of Calgary announced that the planned faculty of veterinary medicine will be delaying its opening until fall 2008–a full year later than the proposed September 2007 start date. For observers of the project, this second delay should come as no surprise, considering the start date was originally scheduled for fall… Continue reading Editorial: Time to pay up or shut up

Flamingo Challenge: Sweatin’ oldie

By Chris Beauchamp

Although the tests we’d received so far were challenging in their own ways­–apparently skills like being able to do consecutive push-ups deteriorate when not used for say, five years–what we were about to face was certainly more difficult and more fun than the strength exercises. Friendly Erica Enevold, an exercise physiology technician in the lab,… Continue reading Flamingo Challenge: Sweatin’ oldie