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Gauntlets Liberted

By Вen Li

Somebody dislikes the University of Calgary’s student newspaper.On the evening of Monday, Sept. 2, one or more unknown individuals relocated approximately 2,000 copies of the Aug. 8 issue of the Gauntlet from pick-up stands to nearby garbage, bottle and other receptacles. Stands in publically-accessable parts of campus remained devoid of papers for about two hours… Continue reading Gauntlets Liberted

Gauntlet joins CanWest Global

By Floorpail Day

It’s official.Your friendly neighborhood student newspaper is now a part of Izzy Asper’s media empire.“We are proud to welcome the Gauntlet and it’s staff to our growing family of media properties,” said Asper. “I believe that this–acquisition–will benefit both the our Southam publications and University of Calgary.”Asper made the announcement on Mon. April 1 after… Continue reading Gauntlet joins CanWest Global

Editor, the Gauntlet

By Jordan Bonner

The following quotation was taken from a memorandum posted in the window of the office of Greg Hovdebo, the Students’ Union Club Committee Chair: “Clubs who did not get office space are asked to only send one delegate to speak to myself or Erin. If your club is without office space, you did not take… Continue reading Editor, the Gauntlet

Dear Gauntlet: You suck, the saga continues

By David "Davey J" Miller

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Porco and team get vote," SLC View, March 29, 2001 I am afraid that Jane Alkhouri got wrong (i) what the background was to the recent discussions at the Appointment Promotion and Dismissal (APD) Committee, (ii) what the Faculty Association’s views were in those discussions, and (iii) what issues had been… Continue reading Dear Gauntlet: You suck, the saga continues

Gauntlet immature

By William Buchan

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: “AP Reader Survey Results,” Nov. 18, 1999Reading the survey, I was sadly disappointed at its childishness. What could have been an insightful work for campus organizers on how services should be run, turned into a display of idle, and potentially hurtful gossip. By including categories such as “least attractive staff,” and… Continue reading Gauntlet immature

Gauntlet angers Gazette editor, sickens also

By Greg Harris

An editorial in the Oct. 7 Gauntlet (“A brief history, told in present tense”) claims the U of C Gazette “would not run a feature about Shell Oil’s involvement in Nigeria simply because Shell Oil gives this university a dump truck full of money.”For the record, no one on Gazette staff has ever been asked… Continue reading Gauntlet angers Gazette editor, sickens also

Gauntlet doesn’t suck, YOU suck, says reader

By Alex VandenHoofd

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Gauntlet worse than Hitler,” this obviously deranged little child. “You are the reason kids are killing kids?” I would suggest that perhaps it is HE who kills kids, with his acidity and tomfoolery. He does no good in this world. Whereas the Gauntlet does much good. Such as your often insightful TLFs,… Continue reading Gauntlet doesn’t suck, YOU suck, says reader

Film Fest, week two: a lot of twisted love

By Gauntlet Staff

Wrong Rosary Musa is a middle-aged man who moves to Istanbul working as a muezzin and singing the daily prayer call in an Islamic mosque. Starting a new life, he moves into an apartment where he meets his next-door neighbour, Clara, who was orphaned at childbirth and raised by nuns. The film alternates between her… Continue reading Film Fest, week two: a lot of twisted love