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Short, sweet and to the point: Events forum

By Ruth Davenport

The third instalment in the Students’ Union election forum series was underattended, harmonious and the best value for money of any forum all week. SU Vice-president Events Alix d’Archangelo took the stage at Speaker’s Corner to put two VP and three commissioner candidates through their paces. The questions addressed key issues and included an element… Continue reading Short, sweet and to the point: Events forum

SU elections underway

By Ruth Davenport

Nominations for the University of Calgary Students’ Union general election closed on Wed., Feb. 28 at precisely 12:30 p.m. In contrast with last year’s poorly contested executive race, only one Vice-presidency remained uncontested at the critical hour. A whopping 15 candidates will lace up the gloves for the remaining four positions. Vice-president External-elect Oliver Bladek… Continue reading SU elections underway

SU General Election results

Unofficial Election ResultsWinners: Nagra, Eneyedy, Vuckovic, Porco, Blaschuk, NUTV, CJSW, U-Pass VP Academic Nagra, Rosie1591 Semeniuk, Darby1479 Skitch, Dan826   VP Events Eneyedy, Irene1972 Overmann, Robert219 Schoenberg, Geoffrey275 Scheutt, Robbie499 Thorner, Ian1041   VP External Lee, J. H.526 Price, Geoff1704 Vuckovic, Nick1748   Senate Bladek, Oliver2174 Dalidowicz, Matt1528 Ho, Oliver2477   Board of Governors Porco,… Continue reading SU General Election results