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Gauntlet Q & A: David Suzuki

By Tobias Ma

During a speaking event at last week’s Conservative convention in downtown Calgary, the Gauntlet managed to spot David Suzuki waiting for a book signing. We took the opportunity for a brief but bizarre interview before his speech that ended somewhat heatedly as Suzuki apparently felt cut off throughout. David Suzuki: Give me a [fist] bump.… Continue reading Gauntlet Q & A: David Suzuki

Save an Inuit, club a seal

By Jon Roe

Sir Paul McCartney graced Canada with a visit last week to spread his dual messages of good will and anti-seal hunting. Positioning himself and his wife for some key photo-ops with the most adorable seals money could buy, he pranced through the arctic amongst the precious creatures and preached about why Canada should stop the… Continue reading Save an Inuit, club a seal

A painful, must-see event

By Daorcey Le Bray

Some items can be left off one’s resume. Two weeks of burger flipping, mowing the neighbour’s lawn, drug running… In the same vein, the CBS Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) is surely not included in Harrison Ford’s authorized filmography. Neither is it in James Earl Jones’, nor Carrie Fisher’s, nor Mark Hamill’s… well, Hamill could… Continue reading A painful, must-see event

Merging for the better

By John Leung

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a Tory supporter and I’m glad that Peter MacKay wasn’t going to be cowed by David Orchard. Yes, you heard me right, I’m glad this has happened. Being a social liberal while being fiscally conservative, I was once the stereotypical Tory on a merger, vowing to… Continue reading Merging for the better