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Wild Rose Brewery

By Ruth Davenport

It may be because I am blessed with a moderately prominent proboscis, but the first thing to hit me about Wild Rose Brewery was the smell.They’ve made a living off of consistently great beer, but the smell. The smell was rich, earthy, grainy and clean, much like–to my delight–the beers produced in the microbrewery."We’re a… Continue reading Wild Rose Brewery

Strongbow Cider

By Ruth Davenport

Strongbow cider is, quite simply, the most victimized and long-suffering alcoholic drink of the civilized world.The inexperienced and ignorant drinkers of the world tend to assimilate it with all the other beverages that parade under the "cider" banner–swill otherwise known as Grower’s and Okanagan. All of it is consumed by pansy-ass lowbrow bar stars with… Continue reading Strongbow Cider

The imposed “choice”

By Ruth Davenport

Let’s talk about no sex, baby.CNN recently posted a poll on its website, accompanying an article on the Vatican’s "new" predicament over the astounding rates of child molestation among Catholic priests. The poll asked if the Catholic Church should outlaw the requirement of celibacy among the priesthood. I, like the whopping majority of CNN readers,… Continue reading The imposed “choice”