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WCMA Label Spotlight: Boompa Records

By Nolan Lewis

Boompa Records is a Vancouver-based label quickly becoming a powerhouse in Canada. Though only a year old, Boompa possesses a solid roster of both fresh, innovative talent from Canada and around the globe, with an impressive seven records release in their first year of business. Boompa strives also as a service provider for its bands.… Continue reading WCMA Label Spotlight: Boompa Records

WCMA Label Spotlight: Nettwerk Records

By Nolan Lewis

Nettwerk is one of Canada’s premiere independent record companies possessing some of the biggest international artists in music today. Nettwerk has been around since the early ’80s, originated in Vancouver by Terry McBride and Mark Jowette. Jowette, being a member of the band Mauve, wanted a means to release his band’s albums, and when an… Continue reading WCMA Label Spotlight: Nettwerk Records

Harry Knuckles

By Nolan Lewis

Before The Bride fought, chopped and lopped Bill and the deadly Viper Assassination Squad, Canada’s own special agent battled an ancient Aztec Mummy, flesh eating zombies and the luscious Leopard Lady. His name? Harry Knuckles, a.k.a. Special Agent Spanish Fly, and he’s back with an arsenal of flying feet and fist of kung fu fury.… Continue reading Harry Knuckles